fruit leather

All fruit leathers are is cooked and puree fruit, dried out. Simple and the kids love them.  I don’t add any sugar, you may want to depending on what fruit you are using.They should store for months on the shelf, its a little bit more exciting way to preserve some of our apples from our tree and other fruits rather than stewing and freezing them!


You can use any fruit to make them and they can be dried out in a food de-hydrator, I will try this sometime, I have just dried them in the oven with the oven on about 90 C.

In the thermomix cut the apple off the core ( or whatever fruit you are using, take pips out of plums etc) , about 700 grams, blitz speed 10/ 10 seconds and cook 12 minutes/speed 2/ 100 C. puree for 1 minute and spread out onto a well oiled baking tray. and dry out about 8 hours in a 90 C oven.

Stove top directions :In a pot chop the apples and simmer in a pot until cooked, puree and spread onto a well oiled tray and dry in the oven about 8 hours/ 90 C.




I will store them between sheets of baking paper and then vacuumed packed in bags of 6 or wrapped and rolled up in a air tight jar ready to pop in the lunch box


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5 thoughts on “fruit leather

  1. Made these today and they turned out yum! I used some old plums, strawberries and berries from the freezer. The fruit leather isn’t very sweet which makes a nice change from the supermarket ones which are far too sweet. Super easy to make and I think trying out new flavours would be fun.


    1. I agree you could add sugar but I have never needed too! I made quince flavoured last year they were quite tart and my kids didn’t like them much but i loved them wrapped around cheese.


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