Lunch box ideas

I have heaps of recipes here on my blog suitable for a packed lunch! with a little planning organising leftovers of chicken drumsticks and meatballs from the family meals can be included and reduce preparation time. Nori rolls and sushi rolls take no longer to make than a sandwich if you have the ingredients pre prepared and pizzas, homemade pasties, quiches, muffins etc can be made frozen and ready to de frost and quickly pack.


Sandwich or wrap with jam,  vegemite, jam and cheese, vegemite and cheese, ham and cheese, salad, pesto chicken, egg, curried egg, tuna and mayo

Nori Rolls with vegies such as carrot, cucmber, capsicum with mayo and chicken, salmon or tuna

Rice paper rolls with shredded veggies; cucmber, carrot capsicum with chicken or tuna

Soup in the thermos(maggies current favourite I have made minestrone for tomorrow)  pumpkin,  tomato or cream of vegetable

Salads such as  Potato , noodle salad, pasta or rice salads

saladas and corn thin crackers are always in the cupboard at my place for the end of the week!

Scrolls, vegiemite and cheese or pizza herb and cheese

Cold pizzas, homemade pasties and sausage rolls


cold Quiches, Egg and bacon pies, spinach pies, cold chicken drumsticks, cold meatballs (beef, pork or chicken) Bolied eggs

Snacks and healthier option treats; Boiled egg, vegetable sticks sometimes with dips, hummous parsley, roast pumpkin, fresh fruit, banana cake, carrot cake, muffins cheese and biscuits homemade muesli bars, fruit leathers, savoury muffins, sweet and savoury scones yogurt custartd fruit jelly

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Maggie and Stephanie nori rolling cooking tutorial


 This is the second cooking tutorial to go with my book, The Real Food for kids Cookbook. Steph (4 years old) is a Pro nori roll roller! we don’t bother with the sushi mats, ours always look very homemade! Its fun for the kids to make and a good and easy change from a sandwich for the lunchbox.

step one: press your cooked and cooled sushi rice over 2 thirds of the nori sheet step 2: put your chosen fillings in the middle step 3: roll and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes to soften.

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