Garlic butter, sage & tarragon BBQ Crayfish

It is less than a month to the recreational Crayfish season opens back up. This is a easy way to cook a crayfish from raw on the BBQ and smells fantastic while it is cooking so keep this recipe in mind for your summer catch! Serve with pink eye potatoes and a fresh salad.

 2 crayfish
100 grams butter
2 cloves garlic
Sea salt
Cracked pepper
8 big sage leaves
3 large sprigs tarragon

 Cut the crayfish in half and remove the intestinal line and guts. Wash lightly. To make the butter crush the garlic and finely chop the herbs and mix together with the butter and a generous pinch of the salt and pepper.

To cook have the BBQ on a low heat, cover the crayfish flesh with a little butter and cook for about 3 minutes flesh side down, turn the crayfish over so it is flesh side up and coat with the butter continue cooking for 10- 15 minutes until the flesh is just cooked.

 BBQ Crayfish

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