Rhubarb Cream Brulee


I was lucky enough to be given a heap of rhubarb this week, I chopped it all into about 1 cm dice and stewed it and froze it in about 500 gram portions ready to defrost to make a quick pie, brulee or crumble when I need one.

I mixed about 300 grams with 4 stewed pears to make a pear and rhubarb crumble, using the apple crumble recipe from my book, The Real Food for kids cookbook.

IMG_5388 Then today we made this rhubarb cream brulee, this was a very popular dish at my restaurant The Mussel Boys a few years back. My blow torch blew up in my hand when I tried to caramelize the top so this is s a bit pale but still very tasty.

Rhubarb Crème brulee

Serves 6

200 grams rhubarb
40 grams sugar (optional as the custard is also sweet)

1 cup cream
1 cup milk
1/3 cup sugar
vanilla bean split
3 eggs

Turn oven on to 150C

Stew the rhubarb by cutting into about 1cm pieces add a few tablespoons of water and the sugar in a small pot and simmer until soft.

Put the milk and cream in a heavy based pot, split the vanilla bean and scrap into the milk and cream and bring to a gentle simmer. Remove from heat

Beat the eggs and the sugar in a large bowl until creamy and beat in the hot milk and cream. Beat well.

Put the rhubarb at the base of the brulee mould you want to use, 6 small or one large, and pour the cream and milk mix on top.

Put the moulds into a water bath in a roasting tray the water should come at least2/3 of the way up the sides of the moulds bake for about 30 minutes at 150 C or until set and cooked.

Cool. Sprinkle with sugar and caramelize the sugar with a blow torch and serve


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Like this recipe? Find more in my first cookbook The Real Food for Kids Cookbook. When you cook this please let me know how you go with it and share it with your friends!

Strawberry farm picking and Oscars Birthday cake

It is strawberry farm picking time again, I go on about this every year and am always so excited when the first fruits are ready to be picked, the strawberries just taste so great!

I always cave once or twice during the long Tassie winter and buy a overpriced punnet from the supermarket mostly so disappointing. My kids love fruit picking as much as I do and good fun for them. I especially love the Sorell fruit farm it is a great spot with the kids they have a good outside area so the kids can have a play and nice food and coffee. They have jam picking when they have lots, $6kilo minimum 3 kilo call ahead to see when it is on.

With the first lot of strawberries we picked we made the strawberry tart recipe from my book The Real Food for Kids Cookbook


The Real Food for kids cookbook, you can find more information about the book here: https://eloiseemmett.com/buy-my-cookbook/


the girls love helping with the cooking, mags neatly arranges the strawberries and steph chucks hers on. Still  looks good in the end


and then we made this cake for Oscars first birthday cake

cake oscar 1 (1 of 1)

I made a double batch of the Thermomix  too easy chocolate cake, melt the butter for a minute longer because you have doubled it and beat for about 40 seconds longer. Into 2 lined and greased cake tins. If you don’t have a thermomix this same recipe could be made with beaters  or find a basic chocolate cake recipe or use a packet mix.

I made Chocolate crème patissiere for the filling, this is the old classic recipe from Drysdale house.

Crème Patissiere

500 ml milk
100 grams caster sugar
1 vanilla bean split
60 grams eggs yolks (from 3 eggs)
50 grams cornflour
50 grams cocoa

200 grams whipped cream to fold through the custard when it is cool

Place milk in a saucepan. Add vanilla bean, scraping in the seeds. Bring to boil, stirring. Use an electric beater to beat sugar and egg yolks in a bowl until pale and creamy. Gradually beat in cornflour, cocoa and milk mixture. Strain into a saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir well for 1 minute or until thick. Transfer to a bowl. Cool slightly. Cover surface with plastic wrap. Place in the refridgerator to chill

But I made it  in the thermomix: put  the milk, sugar, scrapped vanilla bean, egg, cornflour and cocoa in the bowl and 8 minutes/ speed 4/ 90 C and put in the refridgerator to cool once cool, fold through the whipped cream.


600 grams chocolate
300 grams cream

Melt together in a heavy based pot gently over a low heat on the stove. Leave to cool and thickne before pouring

Or in The thermomix 3-4 minutes/50C/speed 3

To assemble cut both cooled cakes in half and fill with the crème patissere and pour ganache on top, add strawberries.




and froggy fruit salad, I am planning on getting a life sometime  soon and not spending so much time on pinterest!



buggered birthday boy!

Like this recipe? Find more in my first cookbook The Real Food for Kids Cookbook. When you cook this please let me know how you go with it and share it with your friends!