The Real Food for Kids Cookbook e-book available NOW $9.99

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook ebook is available now!! It looks great and is easy to use. This will be so handy in the food store to check out what you need to buy, and in the kitchen.

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Kids love helping in the kitchen so why not get them involved! I am passionate about real food, simple, unpretentious, home-grown, home-cooked food to prepare and share with my children.

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook is a unique cookbook designed for parents to share with their children.

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Cooking is creative, and can be exciting, stimulating and fun whilst helping kids develop an appreciation for and love of good food. Kids learn that real food, grown and cooked with love can be delicious as well as nutritious!

The recipes are designed for parents and kids of all ages to share, starting with the simplest recipes and progressing to the more complex.

Cooking is also a great way for parents and kids to share a meaningful experience, whilst also providing a perfect opportunity to experiment and develop skills important for healthy development.

The emphasis of The Real Food for Kids Cookbook is on simple recipes that are easy to follow, packed with flavour and that incorporate lots of fun techniques to entertain the kids and keep them engaged.

Cooking will only remain a cool activity if the kids are having fun and the food is delicious!

Incorporating traditional methods of food preparation is also a core element of the cookbook – they are much more tactile and inject and element of fund into the whole cooking experience. And yes, fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) that means sticky hands and faces and plenty of mess in the kitchen – in other words kids heaven!

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook includes 40 fun recipes to you can cook with your kids. It’s a 20×20 cm full colour, hard cover, cookbook. For a limited time when you buy your book you will receive free postage anywhere in Australia and a cute and handy four pack of gift cards
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Stephanie baking Scrolls

This is Stephanie cooking the scrolls from my book, The Real Food for Kids cookbook, we did use the thermomix to  mix the dough but she measured all the ingredients into the bowl.

steph and recipe555



steph 1 (1 of 1)

This is the ‘warm spot’ steph picked for the dough to rise! she cracks me up!


bread rising (1 of 1)

for soft bread you can leave the dough to rise a few times, knocking back in between rises, and use warm water (not hot it will kill the yeast)


Stephanie has rolled the dough out into a large square (kind of??!) and spreads butter over 2/3rds

scrolls (1 of 1)

then vegemite over the same 2/3 rds  (?) and sprinkle with some grated cheese



scroll cut (1 of 1)

Steph loves cutting!




baked scrolls (1 of 1)

bread (1 of 1)

oscar and steph557.JPG

Yummy lunch of freshly baked scrolls. The rising time takes a while, but if I am home anyway for the day, they really do not take much time to make. Having the scrolls wrapped and frozen to pull out to defrost for a busy morning actually makes packing the lunches in the mornings a lot easier!!

There are heaps of different filling ideas your kids will enjoy creating their own, pizza scrolls are always a hit!

Like this? Find more in my first cookbook The Real Food for Kids Cookbook. When you cook this please let me know how you go with it and share it with your friends!