Grape Picking long table lunch at Bangor and Quail honey mustard dressed salad

I had the best fun yesterday cooking a long table lunch organised by my friend Vanessa for the pickers on the last day of picking the grapes for this year. Bangor is the most beautiful spot and the table looked stunning in the vineyard with the water views!  I also got to test 4 recipes from my new book that I am working on out on the public with awesome feedback! My friend Isobel who is making a gluten, nut and dairy free brownie also tested her product out and that was a hit too. It turned out to be a amazing day all the kids had a fun time playing and the wine was sensational as always.

The menu:

Seafood chowder & freshly baked bread
Fullham Oysters (fresh from the farm you can see from the vineyard)

Octopus with a Greek style salad & red wine vinegar dressing
Smoked Rannoch quail with a apple, walnut, blue cheese salad and honey mustard dressing
Seafood lasagne with fennel and tarragon
smoked salmon & local pinkeye salad

Apple & rhubarb Crumble cake
Brownies by Isobel
cream puffs with chocolate cream patiserre
poached pears with a red wine syrup
cheese Platters













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You can buy quail direct from Rannoch Farm they do not have a shop so make sure you call Bruce to make sure he will be there.

Quail with a walnut, apple and blue cheese salad and honey mustard dressing

4 partially boned quail (leg and wing bone in) or smoked quail
2 cups of salad leaves
150 grams of blue cheese
100 grams walnuts
2 medium apples

20 ml white wine vinegar
1 Tablespoon honey
1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard
40 ml olive oil

To make the dressing mix all ingredients together (put them in a jar with a lid and give a good shake).

To cook quail, season with salt and pepper and seal both sides in a hot pan with a little oil, then finish cooking in a moderate oven(180 degrees) skin side down for about 10 minutes . Or skin side down on a medium heat on the BBQ with the lid closed for about 10 minutes. Or if you are using smoked quail just pull it all apart.

To make the salad, chop the walnuts and cheese and slice the apple, toss altogether with the leaves and half of the dressing. Serve immediately with the hot quail and the rest of the dressing on top of the quail.


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