Buy a few gifts and save!!



My book has been very popular and it makes a fantastic gift that can be used and kept for ever,  I’ve been told by a few parents the book lives on quite a few kids “special stuff shelf”! The book is a great gift for a child of any age and parents and grandparents love the book too!

check out my ‘buy my cookbook’ page to read heaps of excellent reviews of the book!

Do you have kids birthdays coming up? Baby showers? Friends or family expecting a new baby? Birthdays for parents or grandparents or even get in early and put a few Christmas presents away and take advantage of this special whilist supporting  a Tasmanian mum in a competitive cookbook market!! (And I’m about to send another book to print!)

4 books each gift wrapped with a beautiful card and envelope and a 10 pack of beautiful (and very handy to have at home!) any Occassion gift cards. Delivered anywhere in Australia!! For $99

Please share with your friends & continue sharing your cooking from the book on Facebook and Instagram and forward this on to anyone who you think will be interested!

Thanks for your continued support Ellie



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