Thai green chicken (or roast duck) curry

I make this paste and split the paste into 3 batches freeze the extra 2 serves for other meals. When I was making it for a Restaurant I would use shrimp paste instead of the fish sauce, but I don’t really want a packet of shrimp paste hanging around in the fridge all year at home so I use a dash of fish sauce from the bottle that I use regularly in cooking. And I use ground spices at home rather than roasting the seeds to same time.


4 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon ginger root
2 sticks lemon grass
1 bunch coriander
½ bunch basil
½ teaspoon ground turmeric
teaspoon ground white pepper
2 large green chillies
4 kaffir lime leaves
tablespoon fish sauce
1 red onion
½ teaspoon ground cumin
¼ teaspoon ground coriander

extra chilli (optional)

600-800 grams chicken thigh or breast (bone out a chicken for the meat and then you will have a carcass for stock)
*or one roast duck
1 onion
500 ml veg or chicken stock
400 ml coconut milk
300 grams cooked rice noodles
4 cups vegetables – carrot, capsicum, bokchoy, greens, peas, corn, mushrooms, broccoli cauliflower

to make the paste blend all ingredients together this should make enough paste for 3 meals freeze to prions for later use.

To cook the curry, slice the onion and cut the chicken into about 1.5 cm pieces. Heat a wok over a medium heat until hot add a dash of oil and the onion and chicken and sauté for a few minutes until the onion is soft and the chicken is brown add other hard finely sliced vegetables (carrot, broccoli etc that take a little longer to cook)  and the stock and simmer until chicken and veg is almost cooked (4-6 minutes) add coconut cream soft veg  (spinach leaves etc that really just need to heat) and noodles and serve when it is all cooked and hot.

*If you want to replace the chicken with roast duck, lay at the bottom on a slow cooker with some chopped up onion, celery and carrot (if you save your peelings from these in a bag in the freezer like i do grab a few handfuls of this instead) put the duck on top great side up, season well with salt and pepper and leave to cook my SLOW slow cooker on high would take 8 hours, you need to get to know your own slow cooker as they differ a LOT!!

thai green duck



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