The Taste of Tasmania 2016

I have had 2 visits to The Taste of Tasmania over the last 2 days. The girls loved it we were very impressed with the street performers and it was excellent to see the lawn area opened up, so plenty of places to sit.

Day one:
Squid and chips form Fish Frenzy
Platter from Smolt
Zingy and original Gillispies ginger beer
crepes and strawberries form Mian Crepes
Ice cream from Big Bessie

Day 2:
Platter from Frank restaurant – I was so impressed to see the interesting use of veggies on this platter in particular the pumpkin, combined with the delicious meat and seafood- perfect food for after my 1.5 hour workout at the gym in the morning!!
Coffee and chocolate cone from Coal River farm
Skewers and Kofta from Lost Pippin
Zingy and Original Gillispies ginger beer
we were going to give the ice creams a miss after the chocolate cone but we couldn’t resist at Mures while picking up some mussels for dinner!

Maybe I choose really well, or maybe because I appreciate the cost and effort that would be involved, but for 2 days entertainment and well above average food for a lovely meal with children, including paying the buskers recommended family donations to the buskers, it is really good value!




My new book Seafood Everyday has won Two Prestigious International Awards


Media Release 21 December 2016

 New Tasmanian Seafood Cookbook wins Two Prestigious International Awards

 Eloise Emmett’s self-published seafood cookbook, Seafood Everyday, is the national winner in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, in the category of Best Woman Chef Cookbook and Best Fish and Seafood book. The Gourmand World Cook Book Awards honour the best food and wine books each year, from over 200 countries around the world. These awards are designed to increase knowledge of food and wine cultures around the world, and to help with food and wine tourism.

From the president of the jury about the Best Woman Chef Award: “The book is a excellent way to share the wonderful Tasmanian food experience. It is generous, passionate and happy book, straight from the heart. Thank You”

From the president of the jury about the Best Fish and Seafood Book award: “This book succeeds in sharing Tasmania and the flavours of seafood with the reader. It will attract visitors to Tasmania”. Edouard Cointreau, President of the Jury- Gourmand world cookbook Awards.

 Eloise says, “I am so thrilled to be the national winner for the award for Best Woman Chef Cookbook and for the Best Fish and seafood award! It is such a wonderful opportunity to bring international attention to the excellent seafood we have available to us in Tasmania!”

Eloise Emmett has self-published Seafood Everyday, containing 80 original recipes featuring the best of Tasmania’s fresh seafood – with recipes for weeknight family meals from local salmon as well as special celebration dishes made from Tasmanian crayfish – perfect for Christmas lunch.

Eloise will represent Australia and Tasmanian to receive the national awards at the Best of the Best cookbook awards in Yantai China in May. In January, she will find out if the book has made the final 5 shortlist to be in the running for the Best in the World in both categories.

A qualified chef with over 20 years experience, Eloise decided to self-published Seafood Everyday, after approaching many publishing companies with her recipes a few years ago. She was told that publishing companies only like to publish cookbooks by celebrities, so Eloise decided to proceed independently. Only 8% of the cook books entered in the Gourmand Cook Book Awards are self published, and Eloise feels a great sense of achievement and satisfaction with her winning result.

Eloise says, “self publishing is a lot of work, but it is not difficult as long as you treat it like any business – I make sure I have a business plan and an organised workflow, employ the right people, do your research, set achievable timeframes, do my marketing well and budget accordingly”

Eloise has also self-published The Real Food For Kids Cookbook in 2015, and worked with the Bream Creek Farmers Market to produce a fundraising cook book to support the Farmers Market in 2012.

Seafood Everyday is selling extremely well in bookshops throughout Tasmania and is making its way into bookstores all over Australia. It is available at local bookshops, including Fullers, Dymocks, and seafood shops, as well as directly from Eloise’s website



Seafood Everyday Cookbook Launch

On Saturday the 26th of November I launched my book Seafood Everyday. I was so lucky to be able to hire the Founders Room at Salamanca Arts Centre with quite short notice at that time of year. I love planning events like this but is it a lot of work! Every plate, utensil and spoon had to be carted into the room and kitchen to cater for a long table dinner for 80, plus 40 people for the cocktail party launch drinks. The kitchen is located about 100 metres from the room and down a flight of stairs but I have catered for bigger events in more interesting setups so I was not bothered by this at all and knew it could work well .

I also had a display of my photos that had been printed on canvas and stretched and printed on photographic paper and framed. This series of photos started by me just faffing about with a few lighting techniques I had learnt this year and realised they would be lovely decorations for the home wall. I was absolutely thrilled with the feedback, and so exciting that a some sold and are now decorating homes!

Thank you Groove frames and Hobart Imaging for your framing.

The menu, all the recipes are in Seafood Everyday of course:


Fullham oysters natural and topped with smoked salmon
Spring rolls
Garlic butter scallops
Smoked salmon dip

Seafood chowder
Fresh baked bread
Smoked salmon with red onion jam and caper tart
Pickled octopus with a greek salad
Octopus with a pea, cabbage and fetta salad
Mussels with homemade fettuccine, capers and prosciutto
Beer battered ling and hand cut chips
Macadamia crusted Blue eye with wasabi potato mash and beetroot lime chutney
Fish lasagna
Moroccan fish stew


White chocolate cheesecake
lemon tart
Jaffa cake with citrus syrup
Chocolate mud cake

cheese platters

with beautiful wine by Bangor Vineyard

And it was well worth all the effort, a great night with excellent feedback and I am going to brag, some people said it was one of the best meals they had ever eaten!

Thanks Arwen Genge and Kerry Methorst for the photos





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This actually happened!! about 1am it was the last lot of washing up down to the kitchen and I pushed the trolley down the ramp saying “I will run this down to the kitchen and then we can sit down and have a glass of wine” 1 more hour later….


The empty room at the end of the night, it is sad when it is over!


Me the next day feeling very shabby on the way back to the room to clean up, I would have liked to sit there all day!

Thank You for everyone who came along to enjoy the night! Thank you for everyone who helped create the book and the brilliant launch party! it will be hard to beat for the next book!!

*please let me know if you do not want you photo on this site and I will take it down