Recent Work

It has been a busy start to the year here at !!!dun canel 2I have my Studio set up in a convenient local in Hobart and I had been working hard on my next Cookbook The Tasmanian Pantry. The book will be available in December 2017 it has a lot of my own recipes and a amazing selection of recipes from Producers, chefs and cooks from all over the state! It will be a beautiful full colour book. I have most of the recipes with the editing team now and I will be photographing the last of the recipes soon! It is just so exciting to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, it always seems like such a massive project to start with!! If you were really quick you could possible still squeeze in a advertisement and recipe find the info here

I am super excited about my online store!! I have collected some of my favourite Tasmanian Products and made some absolutely gorgeous gift packs, perfect for Mothers day, they can be posted anywhere in Australia- How handy is that?! super easy shopping. Very soon my store will also stock all my favourite kitchen tools at hard to beat prices!

7ho pic

I have been doing some product photography for local businesses including the Mizzle online store and Bangor Vineyard. You can find rates for product photography here and a guide to what it will cost you to employ me to photograph your products for your website, advertising or your book! You might not get a second chance in the fast paced online world, product photography is so important, and my rates are affordable if you stick to the one style and set up, which looks nicer and consistent on a online store, and I work quickly!! I will  have more time available in May and June.

I have some of my canvas photography prints prepared to hang in Patanella Cafe in North Hobart they will be there from this weekend for a month so pop in and check them out. They are from the popular flower series I had on display for my Seafood Everyday Book launch last year. I will post more about this on the weekend!

Thanks Eloise

me and kids


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