Meal planning

I thought I would share our meal planning for the week. I am finding more and more information that supports my strong belief that modern Health issues has come from the inclusion of so much processed foods. Fat, sugar & salt are all natural preservatives so one or more of these ingredients will be in excess in any processed food. I also believe cooking is not hard and time consuming, sure you can make it a lot more complicated than what I prepare to get my family thru a busy week, if you have the time, and we do that sometimes too!

This is a pretty simple, standard idea of what we eat during winter, and we swap the dishes around every week. My kids all eat and enjoy a big plate of steamed veggies, or a big veggie packed savoury mince hotpot so I do tend to stick to what they like. I add local wallaby and goat meat to mince dishes, it is leaner, and frozen octopus pickled is a favourite in my lunch. We have Tins of local farmed salmon in the cupboard and smoked salmon in the freezer for a quick meal. We will get the odd white fleshed fish Β Brendan will catch and still have a bit of fish well cryvacked in the freezer. Home made chicken nuggets, made by the kids, is pretty much on the menu every week and I like having the chicken carcass to make a soup from. I guess I’m lucky my kids will eat mostly what is put in front of them, but like how I was raised, when there is no other choice on offer, they’ll eat it. The carrot sticks put in the lunch box are generally eaten on the way home -when there is nothing else!

I try to avoid processed breakfast cereals as much as possible, but I do have a box in the cupboard, which I believe is of the better choice on offer, for when it’s needed. For example when one child doesn’t like the breakfast on offer, or we have slept in!!! Maggie who eats pretty much everything hates porridge but Steph, Oscar and I love it and it’s economical and good for us so I still want to cook it.

I also always have in the freezer veggie Dahl, veggie packed bolognaise sauce and soups, plus scrolls for easy lunches. Hope you find something helpful in this so please share with any friends who may be interested please. πŸ’•


Meal planning Eloise EmmettIMG_2262IMG_2263















You will find lots of great meal ideas on this website eloiseemmett.com and in my books Seafood Everyday and The Real Food for Kids Cookbook . Please let me know how you go with any recipes when you cook them I love to see your pics on social media and I have brilliant prizes you can win when you do share. Find the tools you need to make cooking easier and more enjoyable and gorgeous Tasmanian products that make lovely gifts in my kitchen store




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