Sale and New Competition

The days are colder and shorter, we are already home in the dark a few nights a week after the kids after school activities. When we do get home there is the wood to bring in, the fire to be lit, never ending washing and housework all while getting re organised and re packed for the next day. It is easy to see why so many purchase take aways and packets of processed crap believing all that marketing that it is making life easier. In the grand scheme of things, buying crap food is NOT really saving any time at all!! A little bit of prep every now and then, such as delicious soups and casseroles in the freezer will make it actually very easy to eat non processed foods all the time, and a LOT more economical too. Find all the inspiration for your meal planning in my multi award winning cookbooks, go on get a bit excited about planning your meals! I have a little pre winter SALE to boost sales (Cookbook sales also freeze up in winter😂although my bills don’t!) 20 percent off all orders!!!! So stock up on a few gifts as always when ordering from my store I will gift wrap free of charge. Use the code MEALPLAN when checking out and don’t forget to click the collect from me option to save a few $ on postage if you are collected from me in Eaglehawk Neck or hobart. To win a 3 book special On Facebook please post some cooking from my recipes on my page or tag me in it on Instagram. I’ll draw a winner every Sunday evening in April so there are 3 to win , thanks Eloise 


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