Food styling and Phone photography workshop 10th June 2018

Yesterday I hosted another Phone Photography and Styling workshop at my home in Eaglehawk Neck. Such interesting people attend these workshops to pick up skills for work or a few who have attended just for personal development and a day out. We have had home economics teachers, cheese makers, chefs, nutritionalists, thermomix consultants, hairdressers and Bloggers  attend to improve there skills for work.

I love to prepare some seasonal food to photograph, find all the recipes in my books, yesterday we styled and photographed:

Bream Creek Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh baked Bread and Ashbolt olive oil
Tongola Zoe
King Island Dairy Blue Brie
Scones, jam and cream
Natural oysters
Pickled octopus
Hot smoked Salmon Salad
Leap Farm Goat Koftas
lamb Shank Pasta
Crayfish and Dill hollandaise
Baked Bay Trumpeter with a lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing, roast potatoes with feta and skordallia
Roast Pumpkin and broccoli

Quince, apple and Pear crumble cake


As well as the lunch to photograph I set up 5 little stations around the house to photograph so we can practise styling and how to best modify the light, just like we would need  to in our actual work place or home. I selected a few props that I thought would work well in the photo but the attendees could pick and choose what ever props they would like to play around with.

180906_5905180906_5907180906_5910180906_5911180906_5912180906_5913wasted sponsorship opportunity right here ^^^^^^^^^ I walked into the bottle shop and asked for the cheapest sparkling! Please get in touch if you want to collaborate by suppling some product in exchange for promotion. I am keeping the cost of the workshops to a affordable price so I have a pretty strict budget for food, beverages and gifts for the Thank You bags, it is a very fair exchange I think.  I always do and will promote the Tasmanian Brands I love and use anyway, like I have been for 25 years.


My kitchen in full styling, photographing and editing action.


I love this whole baked fish recipe from Seafood everyday , skordallia is on all the food this week for me!! Honestly you HAVE to make this at least once in your life please let me know when you do!!


^^^^^unhappy sponsor here, sorry Fred, Bream Creek Vineyard I didn’t get the label in this pic, it is better below, but your Sauvignon Blanc was delicious, I hope we are still friends 😬



I have one more Phone photography and food styling workshop on the 12th August that will be the LAST phone photography and food styling workshop for this year!!! click through to my Shop page to book a spot. Three workshops for phone photography is enough for the year, and there is so much other stuff I want to workshop and teach and I have limited time it is difficult enough to fit the one workshop in a month!!! Seafood is just about sold out July so I am thinking more cooking workshops. Kids cooking, Bread baking, stock and boning out chickens, meal planning, box free breakfast so many ideas, so little time! A good friend has just finished Yoga teacher training and we are thinking Yoga and a lunch  (no stupid bullS%#T fad diet-culture lunch) not quite sure what to call this one 😂

Make sure you let your friend know about my workshops by sharing or tagging them please, Thanks Eloise X