Eloise Emmett Cooking challenge

We had such a great day at the seafood cooking workshop on Saturday the 22nd September. I know I inspired the attendees to cook with more seafood. One comment from one attendee was that she loved the Octopus recipe from the Tasmania Pantry by Ana from Meat your beef, as it was such little effort for such a “WOW” dish. Our conversation ended with us organising a 30 Eloise Emmett cooking challenge to encourage people to cook more of my recipes and share them with their friends. The 8 attendees were keen to participate but any one is welcome to join in too!

The challenge Starts Monday 15th October and will go for 30 days

All you need to do is post a photo of the recipe you have cooked from my books or website to Instagram and facebook, tag me in it eloiseemmett.com on facebook and @eloiseemmett on instagram use the hashtag  #eloiseemmett . You will be able to click on the hashtag to see what other people cooking in the challenge are whipping up for inspiration! Just remember this is a cooking challenge -so please don’t feel like your photos need to be brilliant if you are not interested in food styling and photography. We are posting a pic just to share, but if you have attended any of my food styling workshops this year its a great opportunity to commit to styling and photographing a recipe everyday so will be great practise. I will be joining in too!

You’ll find 150 recipes on my website, 80 in seafood everyday and the Tasmania pantry and 20 in The Real Food for Kids cookbook. I want to hear all your conversions, additions & substitutes.


As a thank you for joining in, if you complete the 30 days I will gift a spot at my event planning & party planning workshop on the 2nd December followed by a delicious local lunch.



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