Rannoch Farm Quail with a quinoa, citrus and herb salad

At this time of year, I am not harvesting a lot from my garden but I do have a lot of mint and parsley, some silver beet and lemons on my tree!! An absolute miracle, this lemon tree at little Norfolk Bay started out its life in a pot on my deck at my home at Dodges Ferry and then moved to Taranna. Anyway after a few tough years with the wildlife this tree is finely producing a few lemons! So exciting!

I’ve always found quinoa an interesting grain to cook with, some suggest serving it in place of rice. The quinoa is Tasmanian grown and nutrient dense, so of course I want to cook with it. But I have found it a bit too strong in flavour used in place of rice, on the side of a stew or curry. It is a popular grain of choice for salads and and when served in a good ratio, delicious. This salad, simple citrus and fresh herbs with a good dash of a robust peppery Extra Virgin Olive oil, I used Lauriston Grove Frantoio, mix well with the strong flavoured quinoa beautifully.

I am working towards producing The Tasmania Pantry 2 Cookbook in 2020, it’s great to test my new recipes out on my guests at Little Norfolk Bay for the Indulgence Weekends and Events, and this recipe was very well received last weekend!

Quail from Rannoch Farm is always great, it’s not at all hard to cook and easy to cook on the BBQ. Bruce the farm owner and I have a difference of opinion on how long to cook the little boned butterflied birds, I don’t mind them slightly pink. If cooking them is not something you feel comfortable doing or you have a lot of guests to feed and you don’t want the pressure, then purchase the smoked quail, an exceptional product!

4 Rannoch Farm Quail Boned and butterflied
2 tablespoons EVVO (I used Lauriston Grove Frantoio)

1 lemon
2 oranges
small clove garlic
8 large mint leaves
4 small silver beet leaves (or spinach or lettuce)
2 tablespoons parsley
sea salt
1 cup cooked quinoa (I use the kindred organics)- cooked to the packet directions and cooled.

To make the salad segment the oranges and lemons or simply peel the fruit and dice the flesh up, depending on how fancy you are feeling. Mix in the crushed garlic clove, sliced mint, parsley and silver beet leaves then mix in the cooked and cooled quinoa and dress with one tablespoon of the olive oil and a good pinch of cracked black pepper and sea salt.

To cook the quail, heat a heavy based pan to a medium high heat and add the remaining EVOO and add the quail skin side down, turn once or twice mostly skin side down  and lower the heat, cook for about 6 minutes until the birds are just cooked through. Serve the hot birds with the salad.


I served this quail last weekend for our Indulgence Weekend 7 course degustation dinner and as pictured above as part of our Sunday Lunch, sharing platter style. chalet 4

Only 3 Indulgence weekend dates left for 2019 and one is next weekend 4th-6th October! Or choose the one night on the Saturday night and 7 course dinner option. I will be listing dates for more Sunday Lunch events soon.


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