Online Cooking Workshops join in your own home.

Online family cooking workshops for you to follow along and join in your own home!

Closing all the cooking serving dinners and events and workshops at Little Norfolk Bay has given me time to start thinking about another idea that has been brewing in my brain for a while. I am starting out this week with facebook Live cooking workshops, with my kids helping, there may be a better way to deliver them but I will work that out as I go.

Yesterday we made pasta to make Tongola Cheese ravioli, brown Butter and sage. You can find and watch the demonstration on my facebook page.

Week: Monday 23rd to Sunday 28th March

Tuesday 3 pm Cabbage rolls
Wednesday 10 am Herb and garlic Pull apart bread, and bread basics.
Thursday 8 am Smoothie bowls and unboxed Breakfast chat
Friday 10 am Cabbage soup and stock basics
Sunday Lamb Roast 3PM and Apple and quince Pie

This week I am going to fumble along doing 5 more recipes and giving you the ingredients list as close to the workshop as I can,  improving the filming and workshop delivery (as much as I would love it if it was, it will not professionally filmed its my iPhone for now but I am looking in to this and I could have better filming soon).

Then for the week starting Monday 30th March  I will have the week planned in advance with all shopping lists out on the Thursday26th to start the next week cooking workshops on the Monday 30th. I will start with 5 recipes a week a mix of meals, breakfast, snacks also covering loads of cooking skills and handy hints and tips for the kitchen. Easy weeknight recipes and we will prepare some fancy dinner party food too!

I have thought about the best way to set it up so I can sell my workshops affordably and so I can earn a wage. Also making the online workshops available to everyone as I know some people will not be able to afford to pay anything at this time. Thinking of a system that will Not  require a bucket load of cash to set up or time or more complication (more work) into it with fancy online store management systems (that would make the price more expensive and then not available to everyone, and my brain like everyone else now is hurting just getting by each day, so I couldn’t operate a complicated system anyway, I just want to teach people how to cook!).  I have decided  starting out  asking for a donation of what you can afford as a honesty system transferred to my account (as a guide I am thinking a few dollars per 1/2 hour to 1 hr workshop, or  $5-$10 for the 5 recipe workshops a week ). I will post the shopping lists and recipes each week on this website on  Thursday so you can be prepared for the following Monday workshop. I will be spending a lot of time preparing the recipes, workshops and ingredients lists and then planning and delivering the workshop, so if I can scrape in minimum hourly wage or something near that  for the hours I spend on these online workshops so that I can justify spending all the time on it (eg not doing stuff for and with my own children, or other paid work or writing, editing and photographing recipes for my new book!), then I will be VERY happy! BSB 633 000 Acc:157454059

And with the   school holidays coming up if your kids are still at school or if you have the kids at home, it will be really handy to have access to these workshops to educate and entertain the kids, and what a great time for the kids to learn to cook!

If you are joining in Tuesday at 3pm we will be making cabbage rolls and talking about pre prepared meals we can make for the freezer. The cabbage rolls are delicious and who doesn’t LOVE a veggie packed one tray dinner! Now is the time to be supporting all Tasmanian producers where we can so think carefully where you shop, there is lots of great seasonal veggie boxes available now.

For Tuesday Cabbage Rolls you will need:

1 large cabbage

300 grams  beef mince
2 onions
1 leek
4 cloves garlic
2 medium zucchini
2 large carrots
100 grams long grain rice

for the Sauce

800 grams tomato chopped or pureed- a tin will do
2 large onions
6 cloves garlic
50 ml Robust Extra virgin olive oil
300 ml stock (chicken, beef or veg)
2 tablespoon basil
2 tablespoon oregano

Marinated feta to serve

Wednesday 10 am Herb and garlic Pull apart bread, and bread basics.

500 grams flour
teaspoon sugar
teaspoon salt
teaspoon yeast
fresh or dried herbs

Thursday 8 am Smoothie bowls and unboxed Breakfast chat

frozen fruit of your choice -berries, banana, mango, pineapple

Friday 10 am Cabbage soup and stock basics
veg or chicken stock

Sunday Lamb Roast 3PM and Apple and quince Pie

leg of lamb
vegetables of your choice to roast
and some greens to steam

self raising flour

Please get in contact if you want me to demonstrate a recipe of mine or see a cooking technique, octopus is on the list for the following week. Please share. Thanks Eloise

Ok and the reality 🤣There will be mess! but cooking really is a great activity if you want a activity for kids of different ages with the bonus of ending in delicious food!!

Please Share,

Thanks Eloise, Maggie, Steph and Oscar (little chef)

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