Honey Soy Brown Rice Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon

Just like most parents we are at after school activities for our kids a few weeknights every week through the school term. On those nights, I need to have a meal ready to reheat for dinner as soon as we walk in the door or a meal prepared to eat on the go.  We have over an hour to travel home after activities so I like to have my  younger children Oscar (5) and Steph (9) fed, in their PJ’s ready to slide into bed as soon as we are home. Sushi is always a popular choice for us on these nights to eat in the car. I cook the rice in the rice cooker the night before and roll the sushi rolls out in the morning, simple (seriously 5 minutes actual work!!) I know, I know we have been convinced by marketing and the glut of stupid recipes on the internet (that don’t actually work) that cooking is hard and time consuming, BUT it is not. Yes, some of the fancy special occasional recipes take time but the simplest things are often the healthiest. And like I always say, if you are starting with good quality ingredients then they shouldn’t take too much work to make a nice meal.

Last week I realised late that I didn’t have any white sushi rice, so sushi was out. I was tempted to make sushi with brown rice… but that is just sooo wrong. I enjoy the flavour and texture of brown rice but its not a replacement white rice in certain dishes, not in sushi, and definitely not in risotto. So, I created this recipe with what I had available in the pantry, fridge and freezer. Not pictured here is the hot smoked salmon that I have included in the recipe and costings (we have fresh flathead in the fridge this weekend so I didn’t want to open a pack of salmon for ONE  photo today) . I always have packs of hot and cold offcut 500 gram packs in the freezer, I pick up from The Salmon shop in Salamanca  for meals when the weather is bad and Brendan is not fishing or he is working away and there isn’t the fresh fish option. This salad was delicious today as a vegetarian dish but would also be great with  nuts, grilled or roast chicken or tins of fish.  I’ve keep the dressing simple with what I had on hand and used a robust and herbaceous new Season Freshfield Grove Extra Virgin Olive oil to add loads of flavour (not to mention all the health benefits of EVOO) to the dressing. This is a pretty simple salad dressing recipe but   ginger and garlic, chilli for fancy vinegars could be added to change it up. I ALWAYS make my own dressings, it is more economical, tastier and with decent quality ingredients such as the highly nutritious local olive oil and no extra  added crap (sugars and cheap bad oil). You could have the dressing pre-made in a jar to last a  few weeks but it really takes no time at all to whip together on the day of serving, make it in the bowl you’re going to mix everything in eventually anyway, so there is not even any extra washing up!!

I’ve taken the time to work out  some costings on this recipe as I think its absolute CRAP that eating 3 serves of seafood a week, 5 serves of vegetables a day, good quality Tassie products, EVOO is too expensive or too hard! I ended up making this twice last week it really was delicious. I  cooked the rice the night before in the rice cooker and the salad whipped up in the morning, dished into serving storage containers and into a cooler bag with ice-blocks for dinner that night. This will be great in the lunchbox too or just ready to go sitting in the fridge for when you get home late.

I would love to know how you go when you make this recipe, I have a few more ‘at-after-school-activity-carpark-dinner’ ideas brewing in my brain that I will share with you all if anyone is interested. Also let me know if you find the costings handy? if its something that people are interested in seeing for the family budget?

Honey Soy Brown rice salad with hot smoked salmon

You can use whatever veggies you like in this salad, I had in-season cabbage, spinach and broccoli in the fridge and I added frozen peas and corn and a tin of beans for some veg variety.

Serves 5

3 tablespoons (60 ml) EVOO        ( $30 /litre) $1.80
2 tables spoon white vinegar       ( $2 /litre)$0 .08
1 tablespoon (20 ml) honey          ($28/kilo) $0 .56
1 tablespoon soy (20 ml)              ($4/500 ml)$0 .16
¼ teaspoon sea salt                      $0.05
¼ teaspoon pepper                       $0 .05

Brown rice 1.5 cups 300 grams  ($5/2 kilo) $0 .75
1 cup peas                                       ($4/kilo)$ .80
1 cup corn                                       ($5/kilo) $1
tin white beans                               ($ 2/can) $2
small head broccoli                       ($4 kilo) $.80
1 cup cabbage                                 ($4/kilo) $0.60
2 cups spinach leaves                   ($5 bag) $2.50

500 grams sweet chilli hot smoked salmon pieces ($7.50)


veggie option $2.32 per serve
with salmon $3.82 per serve for a satisfying and delicious dinner!!!


Cook the rice to the packet instructions and cool. I do this the night before so it is super easy to put the salad together in the morning. To make the dressing find a large bowl and mix all the dressing ingredients together. Add the rice and chopped broccoli and sliced cabbage, add the peas, corn, beans and mix well. Add the spinach and salmon just before serving but if it’s a meal –to-go then pop them on top in the storage container and mix through before eating so the leaves do not wilt.

Thanks for reading, please let me know how you go when you make it and share the post so your friends find it too, Thanks Eloise X

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