Food styling and Phone photography workshop 10th June 2018

Yesterday I hosted another Phone Photography and Styling workshop at my home in Eaglehawk Neck. Such interesting people attend these workshops to pick up skills for work or a few who have attended just for personal development and a day out. We have had home economics teachers, cheese makers, chefs, nutritionalists, thermomix consultants, hairdressers and Bloggers  attend to improve there skills for work.

I love to prepare some seasonal food to photograph, find all the recipes in my books, yesterday we styled and photographed:

Bream Creek Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh baked Bread and Ashbolt olive oil
Tongola Zoe
King Island Dairy Blue Brie
Scones, jam and cream
Natural oysters
Pickled octopus
Hot smoked Salmon Salad
Leap Farm Goat Koftas
lamb Shank Pasta
Crayfish and Dill hollandaise
Baked Bay Trumpeter with a lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing, roast potatoes with feta and skordallia
Roast Pumpkin and broccoli

Quince, apple and Pear crumble cake


As well as the lunch to photograph I set up 5 little stations around the house to photograph so we can practise styling and how to best modify the light, just like we would need  to in our actual work place or home. I selected a few props that I thought would work well in the photo but the attendees could pick and choose what ever props they would like to play around with.

180906_5905180906_5907180906_5910180906_5911180906_5912180906_5913wasted sponsorship opportunity right here ^^^^^^^^^ I walked into the bottle shop and asked for the cheapest sparkling! Please get in touch if you want to collaborate by suppling some product in exchange for promotion. I am keeping the cost of the workshops to a affordable price so I have a pretty strict budget for food, beverages and gifts for the Thank You bags, it is a very fair exchange I think.  I always do and will promote the Tasmanian Brands I love and use anyway, like I have been for 25 years.


My kitchen in full styling, photographing and editing action.


I love this whole baked fish recipe from Seafood everyday , skordallia is on all the food this week for me!! Honestly you HAVE to make this at least once in your life please let me know when you do!!


^^^^^unhappy sponsor here, sorry Fred, Bream Creek Vineyard I didn’t get the label in this pic, it is better below, but your Sauvignon Blanc was delicious, I hope we are still friends 😬



I have one more Phone photography and food styling workshop on the 12th August that will be the LAST phone photography and food styling workshop for this year!!! click through to my Shop page to book a spot. Three workshops for phone photography is enough for the year, and there is so much other stuff I want to workshop and teach and I have limited time it is difficult enough to fit the one workshop in a month!!! Seafood is just about sold out July so I am thinking more cooking workshops. Kids cooking, Bread baking, stock and boning out chickens, meal planning, box free breakfast so many ideas, so little time! A good friend has just finished Yoga teacher training and we are thinking Yoga and a lunch  (no stupid bullS%#T fad diet-culture lunch) not quite sure what to call this one 😂

Make sure you let your friend know about my workshops by sharing or tagging them please, Thanks Eloise X




Phone Photography and Styling workshop May 2018


I hosted my first workshop on Sunday in our newly renovated home. The kitchen was designed for workshops and teaching… or maybe even my own TV show one day!

I chose to start with a phone photography and Styling workshop. With 20 years experience in commercial kitchens I know  exactly how busy hospitality staff and business owners are,  I know keeping up with social media and posting regularly  is another added pressure and I know if I was back running my restaurant, even IF I had all the expensive computer and camera gear I would not have time to be pulling it out setting it up and processing the images for social media. Our phones these  days have amazing quality cameras and lots of editing tools, I know this would be my choice to keep consistently  posting on social media in a busy business.

We went through some styling tips and ideas, phone photography techniques and editing tools leaving lots of time to play with all the gorgeous food and props and eat a local feast for lunch.

We styled and photographed (and ate)

scones jam & cream

Fresh baked bread and Ashbolt Farm Olive oil
Tongola cheese, handmade lavosh and quince paste
Oysters from Ashmores Tasmania
Rannoch Farm Quail Hansens Pears with honey and mustard
leap farm Goat Kofta and Tatzaki
Slow cooked leap farm goat shanks
cauliflower polenta
Crayfish and dill hollandaise
Pickled Pirates bay Octopus
Grown for taste roast Cauliflower, beetroot and greens salad

Apple Pie
with delicious wines by Bream Creek vineyard and Bangor Vineyard and gorgeous flowers by Julie Emmett


Our Attendees were spoilt by Seasoul Studio who gave them a beautiful prop to start or add to thier food styling collection to go with the books I gave each attendee.





If you visit my Instagram @eloiseemmett you will see some of the images that I have shared that were shot and editing by the attendees with their phones

The next workshop is on the 10th of June Phone photography and styling again grab one of the last spot here  and another on the 12th of August.

On the 22nd July I have created, by request, a seafood cooking workshop. We will prepare and cook oysters, mussels, octopus and fish. We will make hand made pasta to make one of my most popular recipes: Mussels with hand made fettuccini, capers and proscuitto. book here.

Food Styling & Phone Photography Workshop

I have just loaded my first workshop in my new kitchen at Doo-for-us Doo Town 😍Thank you for the response to my post today I have decided I will do a few different workshops this year to cover the different stages everyone is at.


Food Styling and Phone photography workshop. Sunday 20th May 10am-3am

This workshop is suitable for the BUSY food business manager, chef or employee from a cafe, bar, pub, restaurant, hotel, food manufacturing or foodies and fitness food bloggers, who want to make big improvements on their food photos for social media, RIGHT NOW.  Suitable for those who want to improve their social media content on the go, but are not quite ready, or not quite sure if they need to, take that big leap up into purchasing all the expensive camera and editing gear, and then commit the time to actually learn how to use it all correctly.

This workshop will cover:

*sourcing props and backgrounds
*food styling
*editing on your phone
*photography with your phone- bring your DSLR along too if you have one, I am sure you will still learn plenty here!!

I will cook a feast of local seasonal food to photograph (and eat and enjoy) and there will be plenty of time to practise!

I will be also hosting another workshop (or 2) later in the year for more advanced photographers with a experienced photography teacher, dates to be confirmed.

Click on over to my store to book your spot its a small group so only a few spots available



Chicken and corn soup (slow-cooker stock)

I post about this soup/hearty meal every year, but here it is again I know people appreciate it 😘 It is a whole chook in the slow cooker, or on the wood stove for me these days, with the aromatic vegetable trimmings from celery, leek, carrot, onion, garlic, parsley stalks, tomato ends.  I collect the trimmings from my cooking, I was trained during my chef apprenticeship  old school style nothing was wasted so there was always a, impossible to lift, stock pot or two on the back of the stove to add trimmings to as you chop but at home I put them in a bag in the freezer. So when I want to make a stock I grab a few handfuls you can read more about how I make my stocks at home on this website, add some bay leaves, thyme and peppercorns and any veg that may be missing form my trimmings and cover the chicken with water. Simmer in the slow cooker for around 4-6 hours its ready when all the meats falling off the chicken.  Strain the chicken and keep the stock and pull all meat from the bones, this meat can be used in salads, wraps or sandwiches or just back into the soup.


3 carrots
2 onions
3 cloves garlic
2 cm piece ginger
2 stalks celery
cup cabbage
pinch chilli
teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon garam masala
splash oil

1 cup brown rice
4 cobs corn (or a tin of creamed corn)
kaffier lime leaf
splash soy and fish sauce

extra veg such as spinach, peas, zucchini, broccoli, corn, bok choy, kale, capsicum, mushrooms

salt and pepper
Peel and mince the garlic and ginger. Peel and dice the carrots, celery, onion and saute them all in a heavy based pot  with the oil, ginger and garlic and the spices and chilli.

***remember to keep all your peelings and trimming to go back into the bag in the freezer for the next to make stock!!!


Ad the rice, corn that has been taken from the cob and blitzed in a food processor, kaffier lime leaf and stock, fish sauce and soy to the pot and gently simmer until the rice is nearly cooked. Now ad any extra veg that doesn’t require to much cooking. I was cleaning out the crisper in the fridge when I made this so broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini chopped into a small dice and some frozen peas and season well with salt and pepper. Easy, super economical and delicious! The stock smells amazing when cooking and its so nice to have a delicious meal to come home to on a late, cold dark evening after kids activities. My kids also love this, its full of veggies and they love Italian version with beans and pasta from the same stock. It would be on our weekly meal plan pretty much every during the school term.  We had one evening meal and 2 lunches in the thermos from this batch. Or I could have frozen one meal rather than the lunches.

chook sopup.jpg

Sale and New Competition

The days are colder and shorter, we are already home in the dark a few nights a week after the kids after school activities. When we do get home there is the wood to bring in, the fire to be lit, never ending washing and housework all while getting re organised and re packed for the next day. It is easy to see why so many purchase take aways and packets of processed crap believing all that marketing that it is making life easier. In the grand scheme of things, buying crap food is NOT really saving any time at all!! A little bit of prep every now and then, such as delicious soups and casseroles in the freezer will make it actually very easy to eat non processed foods all the time, and a LOT more economical too. Find all the inspiration for your meal planning in my multi award winning cookbooks, go on get a bit excited about planning your meals! I have a little pre winter SALE to boost sales (Cookbook sales also freeze up in winter😂although my bills don’t!) 20 percent off all orders!!!! So stock up on a few gifts as always when ordering from my store I will gift wrap free of charge. Use the code MEALPLAN when checking out and don’t forget to click the collect from me option to save a few $ on postage if you are collected from me in Eaglehawk Neck or hobart. To win a 3 book special On Facebook please post some cooking from my recipes on my page or tag me in it on Instagram. I’ll draw a winner every Sunday evening in April so there are 3 to win , thanks Eloise 

FOR SALE -Restaurant & accommodation

For Sale, the site of my successful Mussel Boys restaurant and accomodation, once reviewed as ‘one of the best country eats in the state’ for its innovative use of local seasonal produce. Situated on the beautiful Tasman Peninsula 1 hour drive from Hobart and 10 minutes from Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania’s most popular tourist destination.  Currently leased and operated as a pizza shop. 5927 Arthur Highway Taranna. Room for 50 Seats inside & more outside. Restaurant building and 4 modern open plan apartments on 1.18 Hectares , plenty of room for future development.

The Tasman Peninsula is a chefs paradise with access to oysters fresh from the farm that the restaurant overlooks, local fish from the fishermen in pirates bay, octopus, venison, wallaby, vegetables, quail  and more are farmed or foraged in the region and can be delivered straight from the farm. All enquires to the agent please. please click thru to the following link for more details.


*close to Port Arthur
*Tasman Island Cruise nearby
*close to fishing Charters in Pirates Bay
*established fruit trees
*room for veggie patch
*once had approval for more units and managers residence
*The new very successful three capes track is creating more interest in the area
*Federal hotels and Bailey lodges are planning to invest in tourism in the area.



sunset in Taranna.

The Real Food for Kids cookbook is now a FREE Ebook!

I am coming to the end of my stock of this beautiful little book so I have created a digital version so everyone has access to it! It is the FULL book, not just a tease, I want to get copies to my fellow Jamie Oliver Food Revolution ambassadors all over the world, so I figured I may as well  let everyone have it. We use this book ALL-THE-TIME and all the recipes where developed and tried and tested in a 0-4 age cooking program. There are still copies of the beautiful cloth hard covered book for $10, plus $4 postage in Australia, we all know how special it is for the kids to have their own little cookbook to hold and cook from but get in quick I won’t be re printing. Please let me know how you go with the recipes when you cook them so that your friends can find this too by sharing the cooking on my Facebook page or instagram page, you can find the links in the side bar. Thanks Eloise X

Download a copy here and share it with your friends        TRFFK EBOOK

000101_6321 copy