Old School Kitchen Kids Class, Salmon Poached in a mushroom cream sauce with handmade pasta

Old School Kitchen Kids Class 5th June, Salmon Poached in a mushroom cream sauce with handmade pasta, roast pumpkin and spinach salad.

A busy night at our kids classes last night. We made some pasta and one of my favourite ever salmon recipes, the salmon is poached in the cream sauce with the handmade pasta tossed through. I had a version of this on quite a few restaurants I have worked in. You can now find the recipe in my book Seafood Everyday We made a roast pumpkin, spinach and fetta salad with a lemon and parsley dressing to go with it.


chopped the pumpkin to roast
made pasta and hand rolled the pasta
made the salad dressing
chopped all the ingredients for the pasta sauce
made the sauce and poached the salmon

The hour and 25 minutes goes quickly! I got some pics in the young group but I didn’t get a chance the camera out for the older group.

We were back at Salamanca Market for our fourth week on the weekend with our new Marquee that we are thinking is looking pretty fancy! Thanks to those who have visited us for a chat or picked up a book we are thankful for the support. We are back in the same spot for the next three weeks, site 145 in the middle of the market next to The Art of Words studio near Irish Murphies. Please keep telling your friends to look out for us and remember the books make excellent gifts. The 2 book Market special can also be ordered online just pop in the code locals pick up so you do not pay post if you want to collect your order from me in Glenorchy.


Old School Kitchen Kids class Chicken Parmigiana

A busy night for the guys in the kitchen at our Old School Kitchen Kids cooking classes yesterday, they had a lot to do. It can be hard to find the right amount of works to do, without doing it all for them but also making sure that dinner is ready when parents come to pick up!

They needed to:
Prepare the sweet potato and potato chips

Make the tomato sauce

Trim, cut and the flour egg and breadcrumb the chicken breast

Pan fry the schnitzels

Prepare to bake and get them in the oven

Make the mayo for the slaw

Cut the slaw

The nuggets recipe is in The real Food for Kids Cookbook, Mayo from Packed, tomato sauce should be in one of my book somewhere probably packed for the cannelloni or home made pizza?

Dinner was really delicious I think I heard my kids say at least 3 times each while cooking ‘I can’t wait for dinner’. Roast sweet potato, sweet potato chips anything sweet potato is my current crush, I have got some in the oven right now, lucky they are also only $2 a kilo now.

 Charlotte had her child care baby again for class, Archie was a little unsettled but lucky Charlotte had her village around her to help hold the baby and she managed to cook her dinner pretty much all on her own with a little help from the other girls.

If you are following our adventures with our Salamanca Market stall it was looking better again last week, that was week 3. I have taken the plunge (and a bit of commitment) and ordered a new commercial marquee that will hopefully arrive by the weekend, this will make the stall look a lot neater. I am thinking of a new theme for my books and classes “love the food that loves you back” what do you think? Gentle and it really is an important message, cooking our own food is always going to be the healthiest way to eat. I think that if you have been following me for a while you know I hate the evil food corporations that convince us we need to buy their poison packets But I am also VERY mindful that people are just doing the best they can. So I try to avoid preaching about how bad the processed food is and try not to “guilt” people into buying my books and we are absolutely not food perfectionists ourselves. It was hilarious at the market I was chatting to someone about the importance of cooking with real food etc and turned around and Steph was sitting down scoffing a dagwood dog, but seriously who can resist the occasion battered and fried sausage. But I do love it when I hear things like “I now get the kids to make the nuggets it is so easy” or when I have helped someone click and realises they actually don’t need to buy a whole heap of expensive ‘lunch box snacks’ they thought they needed or helping someone eat less take away by finding a few great freezer bulk dishes of mine to have in the freezer for busy nights.

We are back at the market we are at site 145, so down near Irish Murpheys but in the middle of the market next to The art of Words Studio, we are there for the next 4 weeks. Please come and say hi, buy some books for gifts and tell your friends if you do like or use the books to keep an eye out for us. The Market is looking pretty full each week for Winter it is worth a trip, lots of lovely Tassie makers and other Authors. Maybe even grab yourself one of the dagwood dogs! Or a delicious miso and garlicScallop stick

My lovely market neighbour John who has Self Published and printed in Australia a memoir of his life as a pilot. Brendan rolled his eye when I came home with yet another book, this one is on top of my to read pile.