Cookbook production and food photography

I am a multi national and international award winning self-published cookbook author. I am a creative qualified chef, experienced stylist and qualified photographer.

I photograph and style recipes and products for cookbooks, print, advertising and websites.

Please contact me for a quotation to manage the production your cookbook, although at first a seeming expensive project, if you can sell the books through your business there is a good profit to be made and brilliant long-term advertising!

I can create, test, cook, write, edit, style and photograph a fairly basic recipe for your website or recipe card for $260

I would love to hear from you, please contact me for any questions, enquires, quotations or bookings.     or 0416220505



As a qualified chef who is passionate about produce and a qualified photographer, I probably couldn’t find a job I would love to do more than collect a stack of delicious local produce to cook and style in beautiful accomodation.


Recent Work

Cheverton Point Luxury historic holiday home Bruny Island

Little Norfolk Bay Events and Chalets
Photography and styling, Website creation, social media and loading onto booking sites



photography, create easy to owner-use website, establish social media channels and implement social media plans,  loading onto booking sites and consulting on hospitality operations.

Are you new to tourism and operating a accommodation business? As well as photographing and styling your accommodation, I can also create a website and teach you how to use it, linking in your social media channels and assist you to set your property on bookings sites such as Air BNB.   I have 25 years in hospitality including owning my own restaurant and building and operating 4 luxury self contained holiday accommodation units.

I would love to hear from you, please contact me for any questions, enquires, quotations or bookings.     or 0416220505


Phone Photography and Food styling workshop August 2018

Another fun day on Sunday styling and photographing food at home with a interesting group of food lovers!

I always incorporate my attendees products in the props so that they can stock pile photographs of their own products. It is also great to get some new products to try, promotion for the business and something new and interesting for us to taste and photograph. Spring Bay Mussels, Campo de flori- saffron, tea, lavender and pottery! Knives by Organic blades and I tried out some tricky Thermomix techniques for the thermomix consultant in attendance. We had some delicious aged beef from the Old Cow Co and some vegan cheese and butter from Lauds plant based products.

This was the last Phone Photography and Food styling workshop that I was planning for 2018 as I am finding it difficult to find the time available to host the workshops I might be able to squeeze in  a weekday workshop in November, please message me your interest. Spots available for Seafood Cooking and Game cooking next month.





Hobart Fine Food Awards 2018

I was approached earlier this year  to be the Chief Judge at the Hobart Fine Food Awards. I was not quite sure what I was in for but I am always up for a new challenge. Lucky for me it turned out to be a brilliant week! 2018 was the 22nd year of the awards and it was amazing  to see the workings of a mostly volunteer organisation, put together such a large event in  such a professional way. It was a pleasure to be a part of it. The awards are organised by a committee comprising; chairman Annette Emmett, no relation by the way,  Henry Burbury, who was a founding committee member and who had the monstrous job of running the pantry, Barry Stubbs, the chief Steward, and several dedicated committee members. Nearly 1200 products were entered, catalogued, stored, judged and then rated by a team of industry professionals.

I would (and will be) encouraging every small producer to enter. Yes, winning medals for your products is always great for business but also the feedback you can gain from the judges is excellent, they all want your product to reach gold medal standard. The calibre of the judges was outstanding: local business owners and bakers, Tafe teachers and chefs and CWA ladies, retired home ec teachers and  cheese experts, international olive oil judges, tea judges and others many of which were flown in from the mainland.

Over the 4 days nearly 1200 products were judged. The standard was very high, very inspiring. Each category had 2-3 judges and one or 2 stewards, so 30-50 people were there each day judging to a strict criteria. Then on the final day the judging of the overall winner of the awards and a trophy presentation lunch was held.

On  Sunday the The champion of each category was put back out on display for 5 judges including the committee chair Annette and myself to choose an overall champion. It was a hard decision between all those brilliant products including perfect honey, faultless olive oil, the best cheeses, delicious salmon, innovative kangaroo salami, beautiful preserves and more. We then left the 17 category champions and reserve champions on display for all the guests at lunch to try. This was a last minute but great decision, so I have put “styling the champion table” on my to-do list for next year. It was brilliant to see Tasmanian products doing so well and I heard first hand from international judges how impressed they were with the local produce and created products.




I need a few months off tasting food but I am looking forward to the 2019 Awards!

Seafood Cooking Workshops

July 2018

I hosted another workshop today, this was seafood cooking. We cooked and discussed all types of  Seafood for the home kitchen for weeknight meals and special occasions. It was a busy day but I wanted to cover lots of different seafood that we have access to in Tasmania, to encourage my guests to eat more seafood and be confident cooking and preparing it. I was pretty thrilled that 2 of the guest today were repeat workshop customers, (this is my third workshop) and 2 re-booked before leaving!!

We shucked Oysters and served them with a tangy shallot dressing and  cooked them with salt and szechwan pepper. We cooked mussels and made handmade fettucchinie. We filleted a fish made a stock and seafood chowder. We made a few easy pantry staple salmon meals, caper tart with onion jam and cold smoked salmon, a apple cider slaw with hot smoked salmon and salmon mince koftas served with tatzaki. We baked a whole fish dressed it in lemon and oregano  to serve with smashed potatoes and skordallia. Scallops were wrapped in bacon and served with spicy tomato sauce. We baked octopus and pickled octopus, crusted fish and a made a hot smoked salmon dip and served it with my homemade sour dough and olive oil. The attendees were quite happy for the opportunity to taste what we learnt! All the recipes are from my books.

Game cooking in October with a one spot available  Book a spot here

September 22nd 2018

We shucked and cooked oysters in salt and pepper, and served some of the freshly shucked oysters natural with a Asian dipping sauce. We cleaned octopus and baked it in olive oil. I had prepared some octopus with my greek pickle style to taste as well. We filleted a fish and made a stock from the bone for the base of a Moroccan fish stew. We then baked the fillets with a gremolata crust. We split scallops and made some pasta to serve them with cooked in olive oil and garlic. And we made a simple hot smoked salmon and veg slaw. It was a great day!

Food styling and Phone photography workshop 10th June 2018

Yesterday I hosted another Phone Photography and Styling workshop at my home in Eaglehawk Neck. Such interesting people attend these workshops to pick up skills for work or a few who have attended just for personal development and a day out. We have had home economics teachers, cheese makers, chefs, nutritionalists, thermomix consultants, hairdressers and Bloggers  attend to improve there skills for work.

I love to prepare some seasonal food to photograph, find all the recipes in my books, yesterday we styled and photographed:

Bream Creek Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh baked Bread and Ashbolt olive oil
Tongola Zoe
King Island Dairy Blue Brie
Scones, jam and cream
Natural oysters
Pickled octopus
Hot smoked Salmon Salad
Leap Farm Goat Koftas
lamb Shank Pasta
Crayfish and Dill hollandaise
Baked Bay Trumpeter with a lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing, roast potatoes with feta and skordallia
Roast Pumpkin and broccoli

Quince, apple and Pear crumble cake


As well as the lunch to photograph I set up 5 little stations around the house to photograph so we can practise styling and how to best modify the light, just like we would need  to in our actual work place or home. I selected a few props that I thought would work well in the photo but the attendees could pick and choose what ever props they would like to play around with.

180906_5905180906_5907180906_5910180906_5911180906_5912180906_5913wasted sponsorship opportunity right here ^^^^^^^^^ I walked into the bottle shop and asked for the cheapest sparkling! Please get in touch if you want to collaborate by suppling some product in exchange for promotion. I am keeping the cost of the workshops to a affordable price so I have a pretty strict budget for food, beverages and gifts for the Thank You bags, it is a very fair exchange I think.  I always do and will promote the Tasmanian Brands I love and use anyway, like I have been for 25 years.


My kitchen in full styling, photographing and editing action.


I love this whole baked fish recipe from Seafood everyday , skordallia is on all the food this week for me!! Honestly you HAVE to make this at least once in your life please let me know when you do!!


^^^^^unhappy sponsor here, sorry Fred, Bream Creek Vineyard I didn’t get the label in this pic, it is better below, but your Sauvignon Blanc was delicious, I hope we are still friends 😬



I have one more Phone photography and food styling workshop on the 12th August that will be the LAST phone photography and food styling workshop for this year!!! click through to my Shop page to book a spot. Three workshops for phone photography is enough for the year, and there is so much other stuff I want to workshop and teach and I have limited time it is difficult enough to fit the one workshop in a month!!! Seafood is just about sold out July so I am thinking more cooking workshops. Kids cooking, Bread baking, stock and boning out chickens, meal planning, box free breakfast so many ideas, so little time! A good friend has just finished Yoga teacher training and we are thinking Yoga and a lunch  (no stupid bullS%#T fad diet-culture lunch) not quite sure what to call this one 😂

Make sure you let your friend know about my workshops by sharing or tagging them please, Thanks Eloise X



Phone Photography and Styling workshop May 2018


I hosted my first workshop on Sunday in our newly renovated home. The kitchen was designed for workshops and teaching… or maybe even my own TV show one day!

I chose to start with a phone photography and Styling workshop. With 20 years experience in commercial kitchens I know  exactly how busy hospitality staff and business owners are,  I know keeping up with social media and posting regularly  is another added pressure and I know if I was back running my restaurant, even IF I had all the expensive computer and camera gear I would not have time to be pulling it out setting it up and processing the images for social media. Our phones these  days have amazing quality cameras and lots of editing tools, I know this would be my choice to keep consistently  posting on social media in a busy business.

We went through some styling tips and ideas, phone photography techniques and editing tools leaving lots of time to play with all the gorgeous food and props and eat a local feast for lunch.

We styled and photographed (and ate)

scones jam & cream

Fresh baked bread and Ashbolt Farm Olive oil
Tongola cheese, handmade lavosh and quince paste
Oysters from Ashmores Tasmania
Rannoch Farm Quail Hansens Pears with honey and mustard
leap farm Goat Kofta and Tatzaki
Slow cooked leap farm goat shanks
cauliflower polenta
Crayfish and dill hollandaise
Pickled Pirates bay Octopus
Grown for taste roast Cauliflower, beetroot and greens salad

Apple Pie
with delicious wines by Bream Creek vineyard and Bangor Vineyard and gorgeous flowers by Julie Emmett


Our Attendees were spoilt by Seasoul Studio who gave them a beautiful prop to start or add to thier food styling collection to go with the books I gave each attendee.





If you visit my Instagram @eloiseemmett you will see some of the images that I have shared that were shot and editing by the attendees with their phones

The next workshop is on the 10th of June Phone photography and styling again grab one of the last spot here  and another on the 12th of August.

On the 22nd July I have created, by request, a seafood cooking workshop. We will prepare and cook oysters, mussels, octopus and fish. We will make hand made pasta to make one of my most popular recipes: Mussels with hand made fettuccini, capers and proscuitto. book here.