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3 February 2022

The Tasmania Pantry 2 cookbook has been awarded a Gourmand Cookbook award for Best Mediterranean cookbook- Dun Gifford award.

It was super exciting to find out just before Christmas that The Tasmania Pantry 2 cookbook had been awarded a National Gourmand Cookbook award for Best Mediterranean cookbook- Dun Gifford award

Dun Gifford a founding member of the awards was also chairman of the national American Institute of Wine and Food. Gifford saw the need for a group that would push for not only quality food and wine but healthy and sustainable products as well, which led to the creation of Oldways in 1990. Dun Gifford challenged the insidious and overwhelming rise of junk foods, and fad diets, and to advocated a return to healthy, traditional old ways of eating.

This Aligns well with food philosophy don’t you think?!  

We know that if we want to function well and prevent disease we need to eat well, especially now when we are in a pandemic and we need to improve our immune fitness and gut heath to put us in the best possible position. And it is always the more affordable and more delicious option anyway!

Extract from my book The Tasmania Pantry 2:

“Living in Tasmania with an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, spacious pastures for high quality meat, excellent quality extra virgin olive oil and being surrounded by the ocean for seafood, it is easy to follow a Mediterranean-ish style diet. 

Food fads come and go, all the while pushing a diet culture, creating harm to people’s physical and mental health and of course, their body image. The Mediterranean style of eating is not a weight-loss diet, rather a healthy eating plan, which has been scientifically proven to improve mental health as well as many other health ailments. 

The recent research on gut health whilst following a Mediterranean style diet is quite mind blowing. The crux of the diet is to eat around 1 kilo of fruit and vegetables per day. This may sound like a lot, but when you consider an apple may weigh 150 grams it doesn’t take that long to add up. I estimate that we need roughly 35 kilos of fruit and vegetables per week, for a family of five. Even in the middle of winter when we are getting barely anything from our own garden, our fruit and vegetable bill is rarely over $100 for the week. 

In this insane year of 2020, looking after yourself and maintaining good health has never been more important. Rather than focusing on limiting, counting or restricting foods, instead I encourage my family to enjoy a wide variety of delicious plants. 

The research on gut health and the links to improvements in mental health fascinates me. To think a few small simple adjustments to the diet – such as slowing down and chewing to help digestion, adding a few tablespoons of fermented foods a day, eating at least 30 different plants a week, enjoying meals with family and friends – could have such positive results on mental as well as physical health. Why wouldn’t we all at least try? Sadly, and quite shockingly, in Tasmania up to 96 percent of people in some age groups do not eat enough fruit and veggieseach day. 

Food marketing will try to convince us that cooking is hard and time consuming, but I am here to tell you it is not. It is also the most affordable and healthiest way to feed your family as you know exactly what you are eating. Large food companies are not concerned about the health of your family, so a lot of packet food is full of cheap and nasty oils and produce. “

If you do not have the books yet you can purchase from my website there is a special for the 4 books in a bundle $120 all book orders have post included in Australia. Bargain!!

I am super excited about the 2 new cookbooks I am working on to be released in 2022 ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Packed’, they are both available to pre-order now. Pre-ordering helps chips in for the production costs so you get a discounted price as a thank you! 

As I Self Publish I have sponsors involved to help fund the production. The advertising opportunity is excellent value for any like-minded businesses and it is always exciting to see your product in a beautiful cookbook. You can find the prospectus on my website. 

Packed is a book of recipes I am enjoying creating for meals on-the-go while I am ferrying my children to school and after school activities 6 or 7 days a week. Just Because the meal is eaten out of a container in the carpark does not mean it has to be unhealthy or tasteless!

Celebrate is a book of recipes and a sharing my wealth of knowledge of over 20 years professional experience for catering for all sorts of events at home including Christmas, children’s birthday parties, fancy dinner parties, casual BBQS. To help you make catering for your event stress free and fun!

We have had a great summer at Little Norfolk Bay.  Renovating the house for overnight stays when it is not used for our Retreats, weekends, workshops and events was one of our better ideas with many family’s and groups enjoying the space this summer, some booked with extra guests in the chalets or hired the Event House on its own 

“Had the most amazing stay at the event house. Perfect for a group of friends, with an amazing kitchen to cook nice dinners and a lovely bar. Discovering the beautiful Tasman peninsula during the day. Couldn’t be any better.”

“After spending the day hiking Crescent Bay, it was a real treat to relax and enjoy this spacious, warm and well-equipped accommodation in Taranna. Sitting by the fire, enjoying a glass of red whilst perusing the many inventive recipes in Ellie’s seafood cookbook (which she gifted us) was the perfect way to end the day. Thanks for having us. Have already planned our next visit.”

The event House can be hired on its own or with the chalets for groups for small parties there are some weekends available in winter to book the entire venue, Event House Plus 4 chalets it would be a brilliant spot for a self-catered small gatherings weekend away, outside fire pit and inside fire place!! Or get in contact if you are Interested in a Workshop, Cooking Retreat or Indulgence Weekend.

1st November 2021 October Cooking Challenge

At a recent cooking retreat the guests and I decided that it would be a good idea to run another cooking challenge. Cooking our food from good ingredients is the key to good health but we all know it can get a bit boring so the challenge is good for inspiration. And even I found recipes of mine I hadn’t cooked for yonks I wanted to cook after seeing others delicious cooking!

I know my recipes are cooked all the time but I did offer an incentive as there is a bit of effort involved in photographing the dish and posting it on social media the lucky winner of the Indulgence Weekend is:


and the second prize winner:


Here is all the beautiful cooking from the month, we are doing this again in February so get planning! If you need copies of my books to start preparing for the February challenge or you want some more for gifts you can buy them from my store. FREE POST in Australia in the lead app to Christmas, PLEASE order Christmas gifts early we have re-prints of all the books arriving before Christmas and then getting them back out the post is Manic already!!

If you need copies of my books to start preparing for the February challenge or you want some more for gifts you can buy them from my store. FREE POST in Australia in the lead app to Christmas, PLEASE order Christmas gifts early we have re-prints of all the books arriving before Christmas and then getting them back out the post is Manic already!!

Thanks Eloise

October newsletter

2022 PRIVATE Group bookings for Little Norfolk Bay Events and Chalets

We are taking bookings for 2022 for private group bookings for Cooking Retreats, Indulgence weekends or DIY catered weekends and workshops. With our 4 chalets and large Event House that sleeps 6 in the loft Bunkhouse it is a brilliant spot for all types of gatherings.

Also, as always if you have just a few of you interested in a particular date then get in contact and I might be able to list something on the date that suits you when I am planning out the calendar.

Read more: www.littlenorfolkbayeventsandchalets.comIMG_5513.jpg

Indulgence Weekend 10th December

We have a chalet available for an Indulgence Weekend on the 10th of December. The weekend includes  2 nights in a spa chalet, breakfast, arrival drinks and canapes and a special 7 course dinner on the Saturday evening. These weekends are always highly recommended by our guests, Last chance for the year!!!



Thanks Eloise