Indulgence Weekend June Little Norfolk Bay

A quick post to share some photos of this weekend, another busy weekend at Little Norfolk Bay Hosting and cooking for a Indulgence Package weekend.

Saturday Dinner in the event house was:
Winter wakame and oyster broth
Ashgrove blue twice  baked souffle and quince
Tassal salmon sashimi
Smoked Rannoch farm quail beetroot, candied walnuts and  cherry chutney
Wallaby shanks Weston Farm smoked paprika buttered parpadelle
Summerlea farm porterhouse, green peppercorn jus, baked cauiflour polenta
Apple and quince crumble with Maggie Beer Sangoviese verjuice mulled cider


2019 Indulgence Package Dates (limited to 4 couples on each date!!) please enquire about other dates. Please email or call us to arrange a extra trundle bed for your chalet for friends who want separate beds or a third person in your package for a fun weekend with friends (extra charges apply).

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July
Friday 9th- Sunday 11th August
Friday 6th- Sunday 8th Sept SOLD OUT
Friday 20th September to Sunday 21st September
Friday 4th- Sunday 6th October
Friday 1st November to Sunday 3rd November
Friday 22nd November to Sunday 24th November 

I have also just listed my first cooking retreat! Bread baking all meals included plus hours of learning!!

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Little Norfolk Bay Indulgence Weekend May 3rd


I have been busy this weekend cooking up a feast and hosting another Indulgence weekend at Little Norfolk Bay Events and Chalets. We had our first “lady cation” or “girls weekend” guests, 2 of our bookings this weekend actually. We popped spare beds in 2 chalets so that the chalet could sleep three. Our Indulgence packages are not just for couples they are a fun weekend away with friends. The chalets looked lovely and the guests commented that they felt the chalet was still spacious with three and the beds were very comfortable.

For our guests arrival I left a bottle of Ninth island Sparkling Rose and for arrival canapes I made Tassal Salmon Rillettes and chicken liver pate served with aged Wicked cheddar and my apple paste and quince paste. I also left in the chalet for the guests to heat at their convenience dinner a fish pie or fish lasagne or a slow cooked lamb with gnocchi. Chalet 3 does not have a oven so I left their meal in the slow cooker. I left some fresh baked breads, jams and butter in the fridge for Saturday breakfast in case our guests didn’t want to leave in the morning and we have tea and coffee in the chalets.

One of the features of our Indulgence Package is our special 7 course dinner with wines on Saturday night I cooked and served:

Breads were a sourdough fougasse, sourdough loaf and white baguette with Lauriston Grove olive oil

Tassal Salmon carpaccio with grisini
Pickled Pirates Bay octopus with Maggie Beer aged red wine vinegar
Baked Quince and aged cheddar, smoked Doo Town venison and Vino Cotto
Pumpkin (grown by me) and Bruny Island cheese Co. One Day Old Ravioli with Brown butter and sage
Apple and fennel Scottsdale Pork Belly
Baked Rannoch Farm Quail
Autumn Trifle – apple Jelly with poached quince, quince mousse and baked pear with crunchy crumble.

Ninth Island Sparkling Rose, Derwent Estate pinot gris, Bream Creek Riesling, Cape Bernier Chardonnay, Stefano Lubinana Pinot Noir, Bream Creek cabernet Merlot and I served a warm leatherwood honey spiced mulled Mercury Cider with the dessert.

Breakfast today was home made croissants, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon with some pear, quince paste and aged cheddar. I also serve south roast coffee, tea and juice.




Some of my guests this weekend are thermomix consultants on a intensive photography and social media tuition foodie mini break hosted by our famous Tasmanian Thermomix consultant  Arwen, so I wanted to share what I made in the thermomix for them. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love my thermomix. I don’t really “cook” with it as such but I use it all the time!

Salmon rilettes
chicken liver pate (cooks and makes a super soft pate)
bread all- I fold my sourdough but it does the first knead
jams and pastes, yes even the 10 plus kilos of fruit, I just have it pottering away at the back of the bench in small batches or I finish it in a big pot once pureed on the stove.
pasta- the best pasta dough maker, much better than any commercial appliance I have make pasta in.
stuffing for quail
quince mousse
crumble mix
mulled cider
I basically have it ticking away all day.

I am looking forward to the next Indulgence Weekend in June!!


Bread Baking Workshop 5th April

We had another great workshop on Friday the 5th of April baking lots of delicious bread. and I was pretty chuffed that one of the Attendees Helen choose the workshop as a gift to herself to celebrate her 70th birthday.

We made loaves, scrolls, pizza, fougasse, grissni, hot cross buns and more. I served a beautiful local seasonal lunch, thinking of the juiciest dishes that I could to be soaked up by the freshly baked bread. Including chicken liver pate, Tassal smoked salmon, baked quince and blue cheese, baked octopus and apple balsamic baked beef.

I teach on or two workshops from home each month. Lots of fun people love to come with friends or alone and meet new friends. A few hours of sitting around my big kitchen bench learning ways to cook delicious food and practical tips to make cooking in the home kitchen easier, and then sit down for a delicious lunch! I have coming up:

May:           Friday 17th Seafood Cooking
Friday 31st Phone Photography and food styling
June:          Friday 14th Tasman Peninsula cooking experience
Friday 28th Game cooking
July:          Friday 26th Seafood cooking
August:     Friday 9th Tasman Peninsula cooking experience
Friday 23rd Game cooking
September: Friday 13th Tasman Peninsula cooking experience
Friday 27th Phone photography and food styling
October:    Friday 18th Party and event planning
November:Friday  1st Tasman Peninsula cooking experience
Friday 29th Seafood cooking

to read more details about my workshops pop over to my workshop page and then to book click through to my online.

Taramasalata dip

I first learnt how to make taramasalata dip in a greek restaurant on the Hobart waterfront many years ago. Traditionally made from a salted cod roe paste called tarama. This Tarama stuff generally comes in huge buckets imported from somewhere that would take you about 12 months in a commercial kitchen to use. If you’ve attended my workshops or been following me for a while you’ll know I am all about how to make things easy in the home kitchen and practical.  Would would you do with the other 400 tablespoon serves of tarama paste at the end of the recipe! And, of course, I aways do like to support Tasmanian producers.

This version uses salmon roe ( I will make a version with salmon roe I cure myself one day) and hot smoked salmon try to get the fatty middle bit of the hot smoked salmon side. Also a great to use up stale bread, I always pop he crusts in a bag in the freezer so I have  some to make a dip like this (see my parsley dip recipe) or for bread crumbs or crusts. Remember if you use or like my recipe please take the time to share the recipe, or take pic of what you cook and share it so your friends can find it too!

100 grams salmon roe
150 grams Tassal hot smoked salmon
2 cloves garlic
juice of one lemon
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
sea salt
4 slices bread into crumbs

approximately 200 ml olive oil

We are using the same emulsion style method to make this dip just like we would when  making mayo/aioli. In the TM or food processor add the salmon, roe, garlic, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, pepper and crumbs and blend until smooth. then add the oil in a slow drizzle while blending, stop and taste often until until it becomes a smooth pink thick and creamy dip. season with salt and pepper. Serve with home cut fat chips and battered fish.



Indulgence Weekend in Autumn at Little Norfolk Bay Events and Chalets

We’ve only just finished cleaning up from our last Indulgence weekend and now to start planning to do it all again this weekend! We are not sure what we will be serving yet?
Last weekend for our guests arrival on Friday, we left chicken liver pate, salmon, aged cheddar with cherry chutney and apple paste and a bottle of Tasmanian sparkling in the fridge in the chalet. We also left a fish pie in the fridge for dinner so that our guests could simply heat it in the oven when they were ready for it.
for Saturday nights 7 course degustation in our Event house we served:
Oysters cooked Hong Kong Style
Sautéed Scallops, cauliflower puree and seaweed butter
Tassal Salmon poached with cream and thyme and dutch cream gnocchi
Quince baked with blue cheese and vino cotto
Smoked quail, apple and honey mustard
Venison goats cheese and beetroot with cherry chutney
Apple and quince crumble
Each dish paired with a Tasmanian wine we served a Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Merlot. with plenty of delicious non-alcoholic choices too.
On Sunday, a beautiful day, we set the table in the garden in the sunshine for breakfast of scrambled eggs, home-made croissants, cheeses, Tassal smoked salmon, preserves, coffee, tea and juices.
We are looking forward to doing it all again this weekend!!


This dish is a combo from recipes from Seafood Everyday, a salmon steak poached in the creamy pasta sauce is always delicious, here with mushrooms and thyme and dutch cream gnocchi. I even grew the spuds!


Sharee’s 20 years in business at Endless Waves Dunalley celebration at LNB

On the 30th of March we had a fun night celebrating Sharee’s 20 years in business! Gary and Anita, along with Mick played some fun music and I cooked up a 3 course dinner. As it was a party we served grazing platters of chicken liver pate, cold meats, smoked salmon, cheese, olives, bread and dips so everyone could have a chat and a graze while listening to music then later the guests sat down and we served a Main course- a choice of quail with apple and honey mustard, twice cooked honey stout beef or Tassal salmon and saffron butter. Dessert was apple and quince crumble. It was a fun night with some games and dancing and I heard a few didn’t want to get of the hired bus when it reached their home…


Salmon Ceviche

This is my ceviche recipe I served at the Little Norfolk Bay Events and Chalets launch at the beginning of the month. This is a classic dish, best with the freshest seafood you can get your hands on! The ideas for flavouring are limitless swap around different vinegar and oils and fresh herbs and condiments to serve with it, I change it up all the time soy and lime works well too.  How long you cure the seafood for is totally up to your personal preference. I have seen others marinate the seafood in the jars for days to fully cure.  For delicious fresh Tassal salmon my choice would be no longer than five minutes as I don’t want the salmon to cook at all and I still want to be able to taste the salmon. I cooked a version of this recipe at the Wooden Boat festival Kitchen theatre with scallop meat roe on, and it was loved by the audience. The recipe is actually adapted from my Book seafood everyday in the book I serve it with oysters, you could let them cure for longer and cook the oyster. It really is the easiest no fuss but delicious and impressive entree or canapés for a dinner party!

Tassal Salmon Ceviche
serves 6 for a entree
400 grams salmon fillet, head or middle where the fillet is fatter
2 tablespoons capers
2 tablespoons pickled cucumbers use a jar to keep it simple.
60 ml red wine vinegar
juice of one lemon
4 sprigs thyme
2 tablespoons olive oil
sea salt
cracked pepper

Slice the salmon into thin slices and lay onto plates. sprinkle finely chopped capers, pickled cucumbers and herbs over the fish. Squeeze the lemon juice over and then drizzle the vinegar and oil. Season with cracked pepper and sea salt.