Visit my online store to buy my books CLICK HERE, Treat yourself or a friend for any occasion. We can post a gorgeous Tasmanian gift from you to anywhere in Australia! We can gift wrap free of charge and post to the giftee, just leave me a message with instructions when ordering please.  Orders generally Posted within 10 days expect to wait a few weeks for large orders of multiple copies. Thanks 

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook (2015)
Seafood Everyday (2016)
The Tasmania Pantry(2017)
The Tasmania Pantry 2 (2020)
Packed (2022)
Celebrate (2022)

My books are full of delicious recipes using seasonal food, by me a actual qualified and very experienced chef, that is why the recipes work and are delicious. I don’t subscribe to or promote diet culture or any stupid fad diets,  or claim my food will cure your illness.  I do understand why you struggle to  believe me when I say cooking is EASY and cooking family meals with out all that fake processed shit is actually easy, as big food companies have spent billions in marketing over the last 50 years convincing us we  don’t have time to cook because it is hard. so we buy all thier processed crap food to save us all this time. It doesn’t save time, cooking is not hard or time consuming, yes you need to be organised but it is not hard! The big food companies are robbing us of our money and health.

Believe me, When you get all that fake processed shit out if your regular lives you, and your kids lives your kids will actually enjoy their food and eating their veggies , grabbing it of the bench as you cook, as this is normal for them! Cooking from delicious seasonal food for family meals and preparing lunch boxes is a far more economical way to feed yourself and your family. Checkout the Latest news page on this website to see all the gorgeous cooking from my books in the latest cooking challenge in October. 

Visit my online store to buy my books CLICK HERE

For  wholesale orders of my books please contact:



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  1. I was reading an article on about encouraging Australians to eat lesser known varieties of local fish and there was mention of a cook book you wrote focussing on minor species. Is that cook book still available?


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