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My books are full of delicious recipes using seasonal food, by me a actual qualified and very experienced chef, that is why the recipes work and are delicious. I don’t subscribe to or promote diet culture or any stupid fad diets, additive free lifestyle BS, or claim they will cure your illness.  I do understand why you struggle to  believe me when I say cooking is EASY and cooking family meals with out all that fake processed shit is actually easy, as big food companies have spent billions in marketing over the last 50 years convincing us we  don’t have time to cook because it is hard. so we buy all thier processed crap food to save us all this time. It doesn’t save time, cooking is not hard or time consuming, yes you need to be organised but it is not hard! The big food companies are robbing us of our money and health.

Believe me, When you get all that fake processed shit out if your regular lives you, and your kids lives your kids will actually enjoy their food and eating their veggies , grabbing it of the bench as you cook, as this is normal for them! Cooking from delicious seasonal food for family meals and preparing lunch boxes is a far more economical way to feed yourself and your family.


Visit my online store to buy my books, Treat yourself or a friend for any occasion! I can post a gorgeous Tasmanian gift from you to anywhere in Australia! I can gift wrap and include a card free of charge for any order just leave me a message when ordering please. If you plan to collect your order from me in Eaglehawk Neck or Hobart most school days by arrangement click the collect from me option to save a few dollars in post.


In my home in Eaglehawk neck.


Sunday 10th June Phone photography and Food styling
Sunday 22nd July Seafood Cooking
Sunday 12 August Phone Photography and Food Styling
To Book please click Thru  to my online store

Seafood Cooking

Join me in my kitchen at home, to learn about cooking seafood. We will Prepare and cook beautiful Tasmanian Seafood such as Mussels, oysters, octopus and fish into delicious dishes for weeknight meals and special occasions, and discuss all sorts of ways to cook seafood. We will prepare hand made pasta and prepare one of my most popular dishes from The Mussel Boys restaurant days and now popular in Seafood Everyday and popular in home kitchens: Mussels with fettuccine, capers, cream and prosciutto. Includes Lunch and a copy of Seafood Everyday. Limited spots small groups maximum 8


Phone Photography and Foodstyling:
Check out the post about the most recent phone photography and Food styling workshop 20th May. This workshop is suitable for the BUSY food business manager, chef or employee from a cafe, bar, pub, restaurant, hotel, food manufacturing or foodies and fitness food bloggers, who want to make big improvements on their food photos for social media, RIGHT NOW.  Suitable for those who want to improve their social media content on the go, but are not quite ready, or not quite sure if they need to, take that big leap up into purchasing all the expensive camera and editing gear, and then commit the time to actually learn how to use it all correctly.

This workshop will cover:

*sourcing props and backgrounds
*food styling
*editing on your phone
*photography with your phone- bring your DSLR along too if you have one, I am sure you will still learn plenty here!!

I will cook a feast of local seasonal food to photograph (and eat and enjoy) and there will be plenty of time to practise!

I will be also hosting another workshop (or 2) later in the year for more advanced photographers with a experienced photography teacher, dates to be confirmed.

It is nice to hear past attendees of workshops I have cooked for would come back just for the food!!!

Ellie Emmett organise, hosted and catered for a food styling and photography workshop I attended a few years ago, and did an outstanding job,

Being a highly experienced chef with many years of experience under her belt, she is also a passionate exponent of the paddock to plate lifestyle which is made simple and is so logical when you consider that she lives on the Tasman Peninsula where she makes full use of some of Tasmania’s top produce which is grown there and she has a fisherman for a husband who provides her with the freshest of ingredients direct from the sea.

We had a vegan amongst our group, which was not a problem at all for Ellie. The tomato roasted with thyme, white bean and polenta tart we lunched on was stunning, as was the freshly baked bread (for mopping up those delicious juices), the perfectly cooked octopus, Greek style salad and roast baby carrot and pumpkin salad

It’s a cliché to say it, but I’d do a similar course just for the food… if Ellie was cooking!”

Helen Ellis, Hobart Hospitality Extraordinaire and Food Reviewer, Rita’s Bite 

Ellie’s food is exquisite and well excecuted-octopus to die for-and she makes a mean G&T too!

Sarah Carless, Workshop participent 2015






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