Faffing with a crayfish to get the photo right for Seafood Everyday

While flicking through my photos and sorting and backing them up, I love finding little series like this one of crayfish with a cheese sauce, to see how I faffed about to get the dish looking like I want it for the final photo to go in my book Seafood Everyday.

It is a lot of work -cooking, styling and photographing to get all 80 of the the recipe photos how I want them for the book and a endless hunt for new and unique props. I am currently loving all the handmade Tasmanian props I own or that are kindly lent to me for photos- pictured here from Sea Soul Studio and Linen from Yolanda Zarins, with a Ridgeline pottery plate. Self publishing a cookbook is a lot of work but it is also rewarding to be able to have full creative control over your book.

And the location photos are fun, Arwen and I had lots of fun setting up a breakfast at the tessellated Pavement in Eaglehawk Neck any excuse to drink lovely wine at 8am on a Monday morning!!

























I am thrilled with the response to this book, here is a story published in The Mercury last weekend.

you can order your copy here or purchase it at bookshops, Fullers, Dymocks and other outlets such as The Bangor Wine and Oyster shed, Tassal Salmon shop, Mures, The Murdunna store and Havneabite in Eaglehawk neck.

Bangor Wine and Oyster shed second birthday

We had a lovely afternoon at Bangor wine and oyster shed celebrating their second birthday. The kids had a ball in the sand pit and cubby house catching up with their friends while I relaxed  tasting all the new release wines, they were all delicious! This is such a great venue to enjoy with kids (and also great inside without kids). With my husband Brendan working away, the thought of taking the 3 kids including a 2 year old out on my own is just not a fun idea at all, but here I know we can all have a good time. Oysters were amazing I had a whole mixed dozen to myself and the kids had some pulled pork rolls.


Alice is the most amazing photographer I got a few brilliant tips on portrait photography from her today!img_0334img_0335img_0338img_0342img_0345img_0347img_0348img_0351img_0352img_0354

Barky teaching oscar how to raid the till!img_0355img_0356img_0358

Oscars sand coated Ice-creamimg_0359img_0360img_0361img_0363

Oscar was very impressed with the music and so was I!img_0365img_0366img_0367img_0370img_0371

some nice light on the way home

Seafood Everyday Cookbook Launch

On Saturday the 26th of November I launched my book Seafood Everyday. I was so lucky to be able to hire the Founders Room at Salamanca Arts Centre with quite short notice at that time of year. I love planning events like this but is it a lot of work! Every plate, utensil and spoon had to be carted into the room and kitchen to cater for a long table dinner for 80, plus 40 people for the cocktail party launch drinks. The kitchen is located about 100 metres from the room and down a flight of stairs but I have catered for bigger events in more interesting setups so I was not bothered by this at all and knew it could work well .

I also had a display of my photos that had been printed on canvas and stretched and printed on photographic paper and framed. This series of photos started by me just faffing about with a few lighting techniques I had learnt this year and realised they would be lovely decorations for the home wall. I was absolutely thrilled with the feedback, and so exciting that a some sold and are now decorating homes!

Thank you Groove frames and Hobart Imaging for your framing.

The menu, all the recipes are in Seafood Everyday of course:


Fullham oysters natural and topped with smoked salmon
Spring rolls
Garlic butter scallops
Smoked salmon dip

Seafood chowder
Fresh baked bread
Smoked salmon with red onion jam and caper tart
Pickled octopus with a greek salad
Octopus with a pea, cabbage and fetta salad
Mussels with homemade fettuccine, capers and prosciutto
Beer battered ling and hand cut chips
Macadamia crusted Blue eye with wasabi potato mash and beetroot lime chutney
Fish lasagna
Moroccan fish stew


White chocolate cheesecake
lemon tart
Jaffa cake with citrus syrup
Chocolate mud cake

cheese platters

with beautiful wine by Bangor Vineyard

And it was well worth all the effort, a great night with excellent feedback and I am going to brag, some people said it was one of the best meals they had ever eaten!

Thanks Arwen Genge and Kerry Methorst for the photos





The img_1125img_0312img_0311img_0310img_0309img_0307img_0301img_0299img_0297img_0296img_0295img_0294img_0293



This actually happened!! about 1am it was the last lot of washing up down to the kitchen and I pushed the trolley down the ramp saying “I will run this down to the kitchen and then we can sit down and have a glass of wine” 1 more hour later….


The empty room at the end of the night, it is sad when it is over!


Me the next day feeling very shabby on the way back to the room to clean up, I would have liked to sit there all day!

Thank You for everyone who came along to enjoy the night! Thank you for everyone who helped create the book and the brilliant launch party! it will be hard to beat for the next book!!

*please let me know if you do not want you photo on this site and I will take it down

Bruny Island

Here are some photos of our recent school holiday trip to Bruny Island including some photos at Bruny Island Premium wines and Bruny Island cheese factory. I have spent most school holidays as a kid at Bruny Island so love being able to take my kids too now. I am a huge fan of the Otto cheese from Bruny Island cheese (actually it is the best cheese ever!) the cheese is wrapped in Proscuttio ready to  grill or bake it, I dream of this cheese the weeks leading up to the trip to Bruny! And Bruny Island cheese now produces some really good craft beers which we enjoyed sampling on our way.

We had a excellent lunch at Bruny Island Premium wines, they use lots of local produce and even farm their own beef and lamb, we went back a second day for a relaxing afternoon drink in the vineyard. I will get back to Bruny next holidays for more photos and a recipe from Bruny Island  premium wine.


stephimg_9713 img_9715 img_9740




Wobbly Boot Vineyard -Asparagus Salmon Nori Roulade


Yesterday was a lovely day for a drive in the Tasmanian country side for a trip to Wobbly Boot vineyard. Wobbly Boot Vineyard is in a very quiet and peaceful location in Campania just outside of Richmond, owned and operated by Paul and Lynda Williams, they do not have a cellar door open all the time, but they do open for groups & functions and they will occasionally open at other times, so make sure you follow their Facebook page to see when they will be open. I will popping back in over summer for a picnic with friends for sure, there are  so many gorgeous spots to settle in with some wine and a picnic,  and you can find some delicious Tasmanian produce on the way from Richmond, Cambridge and the Coal Valley region for the picnic. Paul and Lynda have shared a favorite recipe of theirs with us that is easy to whip up for entertaining, it is healthy, it suits a variety of dietary requirements and is delicious too! img_0100img_0101img_0102img_0104img_0105img_0108img_0109img_0110img_0112img_0113img_0115

When you have a toddler or any kids, a family friendly place like this is heaven for a group booking!img_0116img_0118img_0119img_0121img_0122img_0126

This gorgeous room can be hired for functions and groups for tastings.img_0127img_0128

Asparagus Salmon Nori

16 asparagus spears
1 nori sheet
16 slices of smoked salmon (250g approximately)

Cook the asparagus in a large saucepan of boiling water for 2 minutes or until bright green and tender crisp. Refresh under cold water. Drain.

Cut each nori sheet in half to make two rectangles. Cut each rectangle crossways into 8 short strips.

Wrap 1 slice of salmon around each asparagus spear, then wrap in a strip of nori, shiny-side up. Place, seam-side down, on a serving platter


Tasmanian chefs & food and beverage producers if you have a recipe you would like to share on this website for my Tasmanian food Experience project please contact me info@eloiseemmett.com

Doo Town Eaglehawk Neck

How do you like the new lounge room in our house reno, it’ll DOO-for-us? Pretty amazing view. No, we did not come up with the name of our house, we didn’t even realise our house was in Doo town until we got our land tax bill, DOOFORUS is actually on the address, cracked us up! Such a  peaceful place to live and a hotspot for tourists visiting  the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania, with its close location to the Port Arthur Historic Site. I can actually remember visiting Doo Town when I was a kid and giggling about at all the house names.


According to wikipedia Doo Town started in in 1935 when one shack owner put Doo/99 on his house name plate and then neighbours put name plates on their own shacks, Doo Me and Doo us, then the trend caught on and most houses now have a plate with the house name that starts with Doo. img_0012-1gunnadooeloiseemmett-com-we-dooeloiseemmett-com-rumdoeloiseemmett-com-drdoolittleeloiseemmett-com-doo-town-9eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-8eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-7eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-6eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-4eloiseemmett-com-do-for-noweloiseemmett-com-2dootown-12doo-town-2doo-town-1My husband and I had very different opinions on what Doo-Towns most eligible bachelor’s house name plate implied? I was thinking not working to hard?! doo-drop-in-eloiseemmett-comeloiseemmett-com-thistle-doo


At the Blow Hole carpark at the end of Doo Town you will find what has been called some of Australia’s best fish and chips. Phil and Bev have been running the Doo-lishus food van as long as I have been living on the peninsula so over 11 years, it started with Ice cream and drinks but with Phil’s experience as a fisherman, I’m guessing it naturally moved into fish and chips too. It is always local well cooked fish and my kids love it, it would have to be some of the best views in Tasmania for lunch too!doolisious-doo-towndoo-lishus-3-doo-towndoo-lishus-2-doo-towneloiseemmett-com-blow-hole-2eloiseemmett-comeloiseemmett-com-vipThe VIP lounge


perfect rainbow over Doo-town Pirates bay