The Tasmanian Pantry Cookbook

My new project for 2017 is creating a beautiful recipe and photography book showcasing the amazing produce from Tasmania! This is a combination of my loves, food, cooking, photography, food styling, Tasmania and Tassie Produce! Tassie chefs, cooks and producers please contact me if you would like to be involved and I will email you more information. tp-take-3-soacial-tile


The Australian Wooden Boat Festival Kitchen Theatre



The Australian Wooden Boat festival is on next weekend 10th to 13th February, it is a brilliant festival on the Hobart waterfront, you can find out more information about the festival here:


I am cooking in the Tasmanian Seafood Industry SEAFOOD MARQUEE promoting the message EAT MORE SEAFOOD I am in the Kitchen theatre for 3 sessions over the 4 days, it is a exciting program of coooking with some great chefs and producers including chefs from Mures, Petuna, Tassal, Huon Aquaculture, Bangor shed, Spring Bay, Smolt, Tetsuya, yes that’s correct TETSUYA!!!! I can not wait to see him too!! Tetsuya is cooking a masterclass with Rodney Dunn, there will also be craypot making, Dutch fish smoking and the Industry display area where I will have my books. All the sessions are free to watch and some even include tastings with matched wines by Wine Tasmanian, It is going to be excellent and I hope to see you there!

If you want to see my sessions I am on:

Saturday 11th 6 pm

I am cooking recipes from Seafood Everyday, recipes for busy families to incorporate into weeknight meal planning. I will cook my delicious but super easy Morrocan fish stew, my creamy fish chowder that everyone loves and fish spring rolls that are packed with vegies and a hit with the kids!

Sunday the 12th 12 noon

I am cooking for the scallop fisheries association recipes from Seafood Everyday, Scallops in bacon with spicy tomato sauce & scallops in garlic butter and hollandaise

Sunday 12th at 2pm

I am cooking for TASSAL recipes from Seafood Everyday, salmon rashers with French toast and maple syrup (photo at top), smoked salmon with a pink eye potato salad and salmon poached in a cream thyme sauce



I will be cooking this super easy family favourite- Moroccan Fish Stew

Camp Fire slow roast lamb

We spent a amazing few days camping at Lagoon Bay on the Bangor Property in Dunalley. How lucky are we in Tassie to be able to catch our own seafood and to give our children this experience. Proper recreational licenses are required of course but anyone can do it. But the best meal of the camping trip was this slow roast lamb it was amazing! It is worth going camping just to cook this!!

Camp fire slow roast lamb

1 large leg of lamb

2 onions

1 bulb garlic
2 bay leaf
tablespoon oregano
tablespoon thyme
tablespoon rosemary
salt and pepper
sweet potato

½ onion

2 cloves garlic
1/8 th cabbage
2 cups peas

stock (or water)
Tablespoon chutney


Heat your camp oven on the side of the fire.

Leave a half an onion and 2 cloves of garlic for your veggies later and roughly cut up the rest and lay in the camp oven. Put your lamb leg on top you can poke a bit of the garlic into any where you can. Sprinkle the herbs over the top and add a good sprinkle if salt and pepper
put the lid on and leave cooking slowly for about 6 hours ( I put it on at about 11 because I think it will only benefit from being rested if it cooks quicker than expected. Put the whole carrots and sweet potatoes in for the last 2 hours of cooking.


To cook the cabbage and peas sauté the crushed garlic and sliced onion add the cabbage and sauté until tender toss through the peas to heat


To make the gravy: remove the cooked carrots and sweet potato and set aside over a medium heat add the flour and cook for a few minutes ( I just left the lamb in the middle of the camp oven slightly elevated on the onion and garlic) add the stock and chutney season with salt and pepper and stir well.



camp fire jaffals, not my cooking strong point!!bangor7bangor8bangor9bangor10

Jayne found musselsbangor11


only on one of the days the beach and water was covered with the most amazing variety of jellyfish, I’ve never seen anything like it all together like that! there would have been over 200 along the beach and they were quite scaring looking when in the water. But all gone the next day?!000101_1157000101_1158000101_1169000101_1173000101_1191000101_1195000101_1199000101_1201000101_1203

quite sure we know where tupperware got its jelly mould design from!!000101_1205



The Taste of Tasmania 2016

I have had 2 visits to The Taste of Tasmania over the last 2 days. The girls loved it we were very impressed with the street performers and it was excellent to see the lawn area opened up, so plenty of places to sit.

Day one:
Squid and chips form Fish Frenzy
Platter from Smolt
Zingy and original Gillispies ginger beer
crepes and strawberries form Mian Crepes
Ice cream from Big Bessie

Day 2:
Platter from Frank restaurant – I was so impressed to see the interesting use of veggies on this platter in particular the pumpkin, combined with the delicious meat and seafood- perfect food for after my 1.5 hour workout at the gym in the morning!!
Coffee and chocolate cone from Coal River farm
Skewers and Kofta from Lost Pippin
Zingy and Original Gillispies ginger beer
we were going to give the ice creams a miss after the chocolate cone but we couldn’t resist at Mures while picking up some mussels for dinner!

Maybe I choose really well, or maybe because I appreciate the cost and effort that would be involved, but for 2 days entertainment and well above average food for a lovely meal with children, including paying the buskers recommended family donations to the buskers, it is really good value!




My new book Seafood Everyday has won Two Prestigious International Awards


Media Release 21 December 2016

 New Tasmanian Seafood Cookbook wins Two Prestigious International Awards

 Eloise Emmett’s self-published seafood cookbook, Seafood Everyday, is the national winner in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, in the category of Best Woman Chef Cookbook and Best Fish and Seafood book. The Gourmand World Cook Book Awards honour the best food and wine books each year, from over 200 countries around the world. These awards are designed to increase knowledge of food and wine cultures around the world, and to help with food and wine tourism.

From the president of the jury about the Best Woman Chef Award: “The book is a excellent way to share the wonderful Tasmanian food experience. It is generous, passionate and happy book, straight from the heart. Thank You”

From the president of the jury about the Best Fish and Seafood Book award: “This book succeeds in sharing Tasmania and the flavours of seafood with the reader. It will attract visitors to Tasmania”. Edouard Cointreau, President of the Jury- Gourmand world cookbook Awards.

 Eloise says, “I am so thrilled to be the national winner for the award for Best Woman Chef Cookbook and for the Best Fish and seafood award! It is such a wonderful opportunity to bring international attention to the excellent seafood we have available to us in Tasmania!”

Eloise Emmett has self-published Seafood Everyday, containing 80 original recipes featuring the best of Tasmania’s fresh seafood – with recipes for weeknight family meals from local salmon as well as special celebration dishes made from Tasmanian crayfish – perfect for Christmas lunch.

Eloise will represent Australia and Tasmanian to receive the national awards at the Best of the Best cookbook awards in Yantai China in May. In January, she will find out if the book has made the final 5 shortlist to be in the running for the Best in the World in both categories.

A qualified chef with over 20 years experience, Eloise decided to self-published Seafood Everyday, after approaching many publishing companies with her recipes a few years ago. She was told that publishing companies only like to publish cookbooks by celebrities, so Eloise decided to proceed independently. Only 8% of the cook books entered in the Gourmand Cook Book Awards are self published, and Eloise feels a great sense of achievement and satisfaction with her winning result.

Eloise says, “self publishing is a lot of work, but it is not difficult as long as you treat it like any business – I make sure I have a business plan and an organised workflow, employ the right people, do your research, set achievable timeframes, do my marketing well and budget accordingly”

Eloise has also self-published The Real Food For Kids Cookbook in 2015, and worked with the Bream Creek Farmers Market to produce a fundraising cook book to support the Farmers Market in 2012.

Seafood Everyday is selling extremely well in bookshops throughout Tasmania and is making its way into bookstores all over Australia. It is available at local bookshops, including Fullers, Dymocks, and seafood shops, as well as directly from Eloise’s website eloiseemmett.com



Faffing with a crayfish to get the photo right for Seafood Everyday

While flicking through my photos and sorting and backing them up, I love finding little series like this one of crayfish with a cheese sauce, to see how I faffed about to get the dish looking like I want it for the final photo to go in my book Seafood Everyday.

It is a lot of work -cooking, styling and photographing to get all 80 of the the recipe photos how I want them for the book and a endless hunt for new and unique props. I am currently loving all the handmade Tasmanian props I own or that are kindly lent to me for photos- pictured here from Sea Soul Studio and Linen from Yolanda Zarins, with a Ridgeline pottery plate. Self publishing a cookbook is a lot of work but it is also rewarding to be able to have full creative control over your book.

And the location photos are fun, Arwen and I had lots of fun setting up a breakfast at the tessellated Pavement in Eaglehawk Neck any excuse to drink lovely wine at 8am on a Monday morning!!

























I am thrilled with the response to this book, here is a story published in The Mercury last weekend.

you can order your copy here or purchase it at bookshops, Fullers, Dymocks and other outlets such as The Bangor Wine and Oyster shed, Tassal Salmon shop, Mures, The Murdunna store and Havneabite in Eaglehawk neck.