Tomatoes; oysters topped with tomato tabasco and vodka

I love home grown tomatoes. I think they are the most rewarding food from the garden because they taste so much better home grown than store bought.  If I only had a small space to grow a few vegetables each year tomatoes would be at the top of the list. As well as being easy to grow, half my plants this year are from seeds that I have collected from previous years, they have proven to be quite hardy plants, they survived without any attention during sweltering heat my ten day absence during the bushfires. There are so many uses for frozen or bottled tomatoes through the year, curries, pastas, sauces, chutneys, soups that they will never go to waste.

Oysters topped with tomato, tabasco and vodka

12 oysters in the ½ shell
2 vine ripened tomatoes
60 ml vodka
Splash of Tabasco to your liking

Dice tomato into a fine dice, and vodka and Tabasco and let sit in fridge for a least 15 minutes, (no longer than 4 or so hours so the tomatoes are still fresh) top each oyster with the salsa



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