Grilled quail with raspberry vinegar marinated berries

Today we visited the Rannoch quail farm on the Nubeena back road, the views all the way over the back road from Koonya, of the ocean, bush and pasture are spectacular. Bruce at the quail farm is happy to sell his quail at the farm gate to the public, but keep in mind it is a working farm, so call ahead to see if he is about and not to busy (0362502387). If your lucky like I was today, he might have some seconds, which basically have not been boned properly, like one leg unattached or a small nick in the breast meat, not suitable for a restaurant but perfect for me on a Tuesday night for $3 each. They also sell them in other sizes, smoked quail and whole birds with the bone in.

I cooked it on the flat grill of the barbie with a very simple salad using the beautiful fresh berries which soon wont be availabe.


Bruce and a couple of his quails.


4 partially boned quail (leg and wing bone in)
Salt and pepper

60 ml oil
30 ml raspberry vinegar
teaspoon sugar

2 punnets berries (a mix of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries)

2 cup salad leaves


Bring sugar and vinegar to boil in a pot and dissolve sugar. Add oil and cool

Cut berries and marinate in raspberry vinegar mix.

To cook quail season with the salt and pepper and seal skin side down in a hot pan, finish cooking in moderate oven about 10 minutes. Or skin side down on a medium heat on the BBQ with the lid closed for about 10 minutes.

Serve immediately on the berries tossed with the salad leaves




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