Kids Cooking Classes

I have been asked at least 1000 times over the last 6 years to do some kids cooking classes and now they are here. In my new workshop and photography space in Glenorchy less than 15 minutes from the Hobart CBD.

These classes will be suitable for every level of cooking even if your child has no kitchen experience they will be fine. I ran a 0-4 year old cooking program in a primary when Maggie was young for years and even the little kids in this group can find something safe to do like rolling pasta or rolling meatballs.

They will learn a bunch of important skills over the term including:

*knife skills

*food storage

*different cooking techniques like panfrying and baking
*salad dressings

*curry pastes

and loads more!

While I am not a nutritionist I avoid talking about health benefits as this is not my area of training I focus on delicious food but we can all agree learning to cook our own food using whole foods is the healthiest way to eat. We use Veggies, meat/fish healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and whatever else we need to make that taste good.

My genius Idea for these kid’s classes is the children will take home a meal for the family each week, saves the parents cooking that night! Yes, the kids would probably prefer a class with cakes and biscuits but they are normally happy enough to do that at home and I wanted to offer something that is great value.

Here is our menu for term one, this may change depending on what is available. We can easily do Gluten Free adaptions (most of it is anyway). The kids enrolled may choose to make something else.

Baked Salmon with a noodle salad

Chicken/Beef or fish lasagne and green salad

Koftas with Greek salad and tzatziki

Butter chicken with rice steamed greens

Cabbage Rolls

Potato salad with smoked or baked salmon

Green Chicken or Fish curry

I’m not a parenting expert, I admit I don’t know much but I do know that but if you’ve got a child who may be a bit choosy NOT exposing them to different foods wouldn’t be helping. Your worst-case scenario is they probably will try what they cook and maybe even surprise you and enjoy it, but at least you’ve got your own delicious dinner cooked and some left overs for packed lunches. You may not believe the amount of kids who I hear that will try something new when they make it themselves.

$65 a week, includes a meal to take home (for 4 people)

and a copy of Packed cookbook and an Apron when they start there first term.


8-11 year olds 3.45 PM to 5.15PM

12 and over 5.15Pm to 6.45Pm

To book click through o my store or send me an email and pay weekly.


Workshops and Classes for 2023

Just a quick one before Christmas.

Merry Christmas and thanks for your support with my books, workshops and accommodation at Little Norfolk Bay.

Unfortunately, it is now too late for any orders to be posted in time for Christmas but you are welcome to order books and vouchers for workshops and collect them from me in Glenorchy by arrangement. And I can email vouchers for workshops. 

After a few years of COVID chaos I now  have a full calendar of workshops listed now ready to book for term one 2023. I am excited that they will finally be closer to Hobart after looking for a suitable venue for a few years!  In one of the original old farmhouses in Glenorchy, my venue for Cooking Workshops and for photoshoots for my photography. A convenient, less than 15 minute drive from the Hobart CBD.This will mean I can do lots of different classes and workshops. I have been teaching workshops for 7 years now, to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. 

I offer fun and affordable cooking and photography and styling workshops in my kitchen studio at Tolosa Street Glenorchy. I make sure they are casual and fun. Everyone with any level of cooking experience is welcome. We sit around a big kitchen bench and every one jumps in to help to shuck an oyster or clean some octopus if and when they want or they can just watch and learn. The workshops always end with a long lunch feast of all our delicious cooking around 10 recipes from my cookbooks. Guests book in with groups of friends or alone to meet new people. I also adapt my workshops to teach in other venues and schools, from fancy restaurants to grade 9 food tech classes, please get in contact to discuss with me. I am a trade qualified chef with over 20 years’ experience in commercial kitchens and I enjoy being able to share my professional skills and passion for wholesome, local, seasonal food in these workshops.

TERM ONE 2023 

9th February Food Styling and Phone Photography
16th February Tasmanian Cooking Experience
23rd February Seafood Cooking
2nd March Party Planning
9th March Tasmanian Cooking Experience
16th March Bread Baking
30th March Tasmanian Cooking Experience
6th March Seafood Cooking

** please enquire about other dates for private groups or if the workshop of your choice is fully booked!  

New KIDS COOKING class, the kids will be taking home a family dinner for 4 people
Monday term booking 8-11 year olds and 12 years and over.  Parents are very excited about this one!!

This class  is $65 a week and they sign up for the term,  seven weeks term one. They will learn a variety of cooking techniques, food handling and storage and knife skills over the term as well as taking home dinner for the family one night every week. And they’ll finish the term with the knowledge to cook a bunch of meals independently. Book through my online store or send me an email to arrange to pay weekly. 

Thanks and Merry Christmas