Maggie and Stephanies cooking Tutorial- Pasta making

photo (1)

I have just uploaded the first of a few cooking tutorials for pasta making to go alongside my cookbook, The Real Food for kids cookbook. I know I learn things heaps easier by watching rather than reading instructions! Being my first the filming is dodgy and the editing worse so be kind! and the directions got a little lost when I had had enough and just put most of it in fast forward… sorry. But the girls are cute!!


Pasta Making

100 grams flour to 1 egg
step one Mix well
step 2 Knead
step 3 Knead through the pasta maker by folding in thirds and rolling through the largest opening (you can skip this kneading if you have made the dough in the thermomix or mixer), flouring lightly in between each roll
step 4 roll out from the largest opening until the smallest, my machine is 0 and I stop at 6 for fettuchini and lasagne sheets


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