Kids cooking fun at the Bream Creek Farmers Market

I had my first cooking for kids workshops at the Bream Creek Farmers Market last Sunday. I am hoping to do them again at the December market and at the Koonya Garlic festival in February. We cooked a few recipes from my new book The Real Food for Kids cookbook. The market is held on the first Sunday of every month at  the Bream creek showgrounds. We made Rice paper rolls with the little preschool kids and then prawn and pork dumplings with the older kids.rice paper (1 of 1)

prawn dumpling blog (1 of 1)

First lets look at all the cool vintage props in the Bream Creek Show grounds kitchen!

props 1 (1 of 1)

props 2 (1 of 1)

Ok enough about the props and I didn’t pinch any I promise!

rice paper rolls (1 of 1)

What a gorgeous location for some cooking. I sliced all the vegies for the kids and then they could each choose what they wanted to put in their own rice paper roll. I dunked the rice paper in the water for them. And it was very cute that on Tuesday one of the little boys at Stephs family day care who had made a rice paper roll spotted my book on Angela the day carers bench and they had to make them again.

veg (1 of 1)

they did end up all random sizes but the kids have fun making them and they all enjoyed eating them.

eseating (1 of 1)

especially my girls!

dough (1 of 1)

This is the dough getting kneaded for the dumplings, most people are surprised at how easy it is to make dumpling wrappers. It was a pregnancy craving and not living anywhere a shop I could buy wrappers from that made me learn how to make them.

dough rolling (1 of 1)

and they really are lots of fun to roll out and wrap up.

dumpling making (1 of 1)

again lots of odd shapes and sizes and the filling is very easy to prepare too! the recipe in my book for the prawn and pork dumplings, like all the recipes, is simple with ingredients you mostly have or are easy to get.

ginger beer (1 of 1)

My girls left me to hang out in the ginger beer stall, steph decided she was good at putting the straws in the bottles.

cooked dumplings (1 of 1)

The kids loved eating the dumplings and they are easy to cook too.


After the market we stopped at Bangor for wine, oysters, icecream and more ginger beer  on the way home. Bangor also has my book in stock in their lovely gift shop.

me and steph (1 of 1)

Steph is loving her ice-cream, if my kids are to have a treat I think its great if its homemade, or locally produced. I love that my girls now choose gillispies ginger beer over lemonade or other soft drinks (it is a much better choice sugar content and preservitive wise too) and they are disappointed when we go somewhere that doesn’t stock it. This fab choc top steph is loving is from valhala supporting another local business. I think I could  just about convince  myself I need to  buy more Bangor Pinot Gris… for the good of local economy of course!


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