Layered Lavender Cheesecake- Recipe by chefs Tyron & Jack from The Port Arthur Lavender Farm

Have you ever wondered how the delicious lavender desserts are made at The Port Arthur Lavender farm? Well I am lucky enough to be able to share one thanks to the friendly chefs Tyron and Jack! You can purchase the lavender oil required for the recipe from the shop at the Port Arthur lavender farm or from my online kitchen store 


The Port Arthur Lavender Farm is situated on the Arthur highway only a few minutes before the Port Arthur Historic site. They serve delicious Tasmanian produce inspired lavender creations in the café as well as great coffee and they have the loveliest gift shop, lots of the gifts have been hand crafted in Tasmania.  As a local resident living on the Tasman Peninsula I have stopped in many times to buy gifts. They distil the lavender on site so it is a unique experience for tourists as well as a popular spot for local residents. I regularly meet friends at the lavender Farm with our kids, for a glass of wine in the bean bags out the front during summer, or coffee and dessert in winter, they also have a cute cubby house and other activities for children.  I was a guest at a lovely wedding at the Lavender Farm last summer and the function was managed beautifully from the stunning presentation of the room on arrival to the delicious meals of Tasmanian produce and Tasmanian wines served. With the close location to the Port Arthur Historic Site the Bride and groom had the wedding ceremony at the open church at The Port Arthur Historic site with Tasmanian wines and beverages and then onto The Port Arthur Lavender farm for the reception. Handy for a Tasmanian wedding when there is an endless supply of gorgeous locations on The Tasman Peninsula for photos!


Thanks Again Chefs Tyron Spaulding and Jack Thompson for the recipe – and for coming out of the kitchen so I could take a photo, I know how much us chefs prefer to hide out the back behind the stove!


Layered Lavender Cheesecake – Recipe by Chefs Tyron Spaulding and Jack Thompson from The Port Arthur Lavender Farm



2 ½ cups biscuit crumb
250 grams melted butter
1 litre cream
¼ cup icing sugar
1 kg cream cheese
15 grams gelatine
1 cup boiling water
8 drops culinary lavender oil
170grams white chocolate, chopped
130 grams dark chocolate
½ cup cream
purple food colouring


line a 24cm spring tin with baking paper.

combine biscuit crumb with the melted butter and press into the tin.

Whip the 1 litre of cream with the icing sugar and then divide evenly between 3 bowls.

For the first layer melt the dark chocolate and ½ cup of cream together in a metal bowl over simmering water to make a ganache then mix this in with one of your bowls of whipped cream and icing sugar and set aside.

For the second layer combine the chopped white chocolate with another bowl of whipped cream and icing sugar and set aside.

For the top layer add purple food colouring to the last bowl of cream and set aside.

Dissolve the gelatine in the boiling water

Blend together cream cheese, gelatine and lavender oil until smooth

Place one third of the cream cheese mix into each of your 3 bowls of cream and flavourings and mix each well.

Spread the chocolate mixture over the base of the tin, then the white chocolate mixture then the purple mixture and refrigerate until set.


Chefs and lovers of Tasmanian produce who would like to submit a recipe for this website please contact me or share with a friend who you would be, Thanks!


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