Doo Town Eaglehawk Neck

How do you like the new lounge room in our house reno, it’ll DOO-for-us? Pretty amazing view. No, we did not come up with the name of our house, we didn’t even realise our house was in Doo town until we got our land tax bill, DOOFORUS is actually on the address, cracked us up! Such a  peaceful place to live and a hotspot for tourists visiting  the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania, with its close location to the Port Arthur Historic Site. I can actually remember visiting Doo Town when I was a kid and giggling about at all the house names.


According to wikipedia Doo Town started in in 1935 when one shack owner put Doo/99 on his house name plate and then neighbours put name plates on their own shacks, Doo Me and Doo us, then the trend caught on and most houses now have a plate with the house name that starts with Doo. img_0012-1gunnadooeloiseemmett-com-we-dooeloiseemmett-com-rumdoeloiseemmett-com-drdoolittleeloiseemmett-com-doo-town-9eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-8eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-7eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-6eloiseemmett-com-doo-town-4eloiseemmett-com-do-for-noweloiseemmett-com-2dootown-12doo-town-2doo-town-1My husband and I had very different opinions on what Doo-Towns most eligible bachelor’s house name plate implied? I was thinking not working to hard?! doo-drop-in-eloiseemmett-comeloiseemmett-com-thistle-doo


At the Blow Hole carpark at the end of Doo Town you will find what has been called some of Australia’s best fish and chips. Phil and Bev have been running the Doo-lishus food van as long as I have been living on the peninsula so over 11 years, it started with Ice cream and drinks but with Phil’s experience as a fisherman, I’m guessing it naturally moved into fish and chips too. It is always local well cooked fish and my kids love it, it would have to be some of the best views in Tasmania for lunch too!doolisious-doo-towndoo-lishus-3-doo-towndoo-lishus-2-doo-towneloiseemmett-com-blow-hole-2eloiseemmett-comeloiseemmett-com-vipThe VIP lounge


perfect rainbow over Doo-town Pirates bay


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