Bangor Wine and Oyster shed second birthday

We had a lovely afternoon at Bangor wine and oyster shed celebrating their second birthday. The kids had a ball in the sand pit and cubby house catching up with their friends while I relaxed  tasting all the new release wines, they were all delicious! This is such a great venue to enjoy with kids (and also great inside without kids). With my husband Brendan working away, the thought of taking the 3 kids including a 2 year old out on my own is just not a fun idea at all, but here I know we can all have a good time. Oysters were amazing I had a whole mixed dozen to myself and the kids had some pulled pork rolls.


Alice is the most amazing photographer I got a few brilliant tips on portrait photography from her today!img_0334img_0335img_0338img_0342img_0345img_0347img_0348img_0351img_0352img_0354

Barky teaching oscar how to raid the till!img_0355img_0356img_0358

Oscars sand coated Ice-creamimg_0359img_0360img_0361img_0363

Oscar was very impressed with the music and so was I!img_0365img_0366img_0367img_0370img_0371

some nice light on the way home


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