The Taste of Tasmania 2016

I have had 2 visits to The Taste of Tasmania over the last 2 days. The girls loved it we were very impressed with the street performers and it was excellent to see the lawn area opened up, so plenty of places to sit.

Day one:
Squid and chips form Fish Frenzy
Platter from Smolt
Zingy and original Gillispies ginger beer
crepes and strawberries form Mian Crepes
Ice cream from Big Bessie

Day 2:
Platter from Frank restaurant – I was so impressed to see the interesting use of veggies on this platter in particular the pumpkin, combined with the delicious meat and seafood- perfect food for after my 1.5 hour workout at the gym in the morning!!
Coffee and chocolate cone from Coal River farm
Skewers and Kofta from Lost Pippin
Zingy and Original Gillispies ginger beer
we were going to give the ice creams a miss after the chocolate cone but we couldn’t resist at Mures while picking up some mussels for dinner!

Maybe I choose really well, or maybe because I appreciate the cost and effort that would be involved, but for 2 days entertainment and well above average food for a lovely meal with children, including paying the buskers recommended family donations to the buskers, it is really good value!





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