Phone Photography and Styling workshop May 2018


I hosted my first workshop on Sunday in our newly renovated home. The kitchen was designed for workshops and teaching… or maybe even my own TV show one day!

I chose to start with a phone photography and Styling workshop. With 20 years experience in commercial kitchens I know  exactly how busy hospitality staff and business owners are,  I know keeping up with social media and posting regularly  is another added pressure and I know if I was back running my restaurant, even IF I had all the expensive computer and camera gear I would not have time to be pulling it out setting it up and processing the images for social media. Our phones these  days have amazing quality cameras and lots of editing tools, I know this would be my choice to keep consistently  posting on social media in a busy business.

We went through some styling tips and ideas, phone photography techniques and editing tools leaving lots of time to play with all the gorgeous food and props and eat a local feast for lunch.

We styled and photographed (and ate)

scones jam & cream

Fresh baked bread and Ashbolt Farm Olive oil
Tongola cheese, handmade lavosh and quince paste
Oysters from Ashmores Tasmania
Rannoch Farm Quail Hansens Pears with honey and mustard
leap farm Goat Kofta and Tatzaki
Slow cooked leap farm goat shanks
cauliflower polenta
Crayfish and dill hollandaise
Pickled Pirates bay Octopus
Grown for taste roast Cauliflower, beetroot and greens salad

Apple Pie
with delicious wines by Bream Creek vineyard and Bangor Vineyard and gorgeous flowers by Julie Emmett


Our Attendees were spoilt by Seasoul Studio who gave them a beautiful prop to start or add to thier food styling collection to go with the books I gave each attendee.





If you visit my Instagram @eloiseemmett you will see some of the images that I have shared that were shot and editing by the attendees with their phones

The next workshop is on the 10th of June Phone photography and styling again grab one of the last spot here  and another on the 12th of August.

On the 22nd July I have created, by request, a seafood cooking workshop. We will prepare and cook oysters, mussels, octopus and fish. We will make hand made pasta to make one of my most popular recipes: Mussels with hand made fettuccini, capers and proscuitto. book here.


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