Seafood Cooking Workshop

I hosted another workshop today, this was seafood cooking. We cooked and discussed all types of  Seafood for the home kitchen for weeknight meals and special occasions. It was a busy day but I wanted to cover lots of different seafood that we have access to in Tasmania, to encourage my guests to eat more seafood and be confident cooking and preparing it. I was pretty thrilled that 2 of the guest today were repeat workshop customers, (this is my third workshop) and 2 re-booked before leaving!!

We shucked Oysters and served them with a tangy shallot dressing and  cooked them with salt and szechwan pepper. We cooked mussels and made handmade fettucchinie. We filleted a fish made a stock and seafood chowder. We made a few easy pantry staple salmon meals, caper tart with onion jam and cold smoked salmon, a apple cider slaw with hot smoked salmon and salmon mince koftas served with tatzaki. We baked a whole fish dressed it in lemon and oregano  to serve with smashed potatoes and skordallia. Scallops were wrapped in bacon and served with spicy tomato sauce. We baked octopus and pickled octopus, crusted fish and a made a hot smoked salmon dip and served it with my homemade sour dough and olive oil. The attendees were quite happy for the opportunity to taste what we learnt! All the recipes are from my books.

I will be listing a new seafood cooking workshop in September and a few more cooking workshops are in planning for later this year. I have a few spots left for phone photography and food styling (the last for 2018) and a few spots for photography capture with Bernie Carr both in August. Book a spot here



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