Sautéed crickets with toasted pine nuts and goats cheese


Serves 1

This was the first time I had tried crickets, actually any insect, so I wanted to cook them simply so I could taste the actual cricket but also wanted lunch, so I turned it into a meal. I have read a lot about edible insects over the years but have never had the opportunity to try them. Rebel food Tasmania is in Tassie’s north west have started farming them from their local farms food waste. Some claim they are the protein of the future and one website stated, and to be honest I am not 100 % sure how accurate it is, 30 grams of crickets = 20 grams of protein. You would need to eat about 100 grams of red meat for that amount of protein. Anyway, I can’t eat food just for health it has to be flavoursome and enjoyable, I second ferment kombucha so it has a nice flavour and I eat kimchi and sauerkraut and veggies because they are delicious in my meals, not just for health benefits. I have likened the flavour to the crunchy delicious fin or tale of a flounder when pan fried.

If the thought of actually eating insects is a bit eekky to you, then you could whiz them up a little in a food processor before cooking and throw them in the pan to sauté with the pine nuts, you would still get the full flavour.  Do give them a try if you see them, I will certainly be cooking them again!

30 grams crickets
1 teaspoon hazelnut oil plus a drizzle to finish
1 tablespoon pine nuts
sea salt & cracked pepper
teaspoon ras al hanout
40 grams goat curd
cup lettuce leaves

Defrost your crickets. Heat a pan to a medium high heat and add the oil add the pine nuts and crickets and spice mix and a pinch of sea salt and cracked pepper. Tossing regular saute until the crickets are cooked and the pine nuts are golden brown. Serve immediately with the goats cheese and salad and add a drizzle of hazelnut oil and salt and pepper.


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