Tasmanian Cooking Experience Workshop Feb 2023

Tasmanian Cooking Experience Workshop Feb 2023

At this workshop we cook around 10 recipes from my books! I take into account any suggestions that the guests may have, they may really want to learn how to make pasta or learn how cook quail and then I add in what fish Brendan has caught and then what ever else is in season.

we cooked:

Salmon dip (Celebrate Cookbook)

Garlic, rosemary and fetta pizza (Recipe from Tasmania pantry 2)
Hot and Sour blue warhou soup (recipe from Tasmania pantry 2)
Occy and pumpkin Salad (packed cookbook)
Quail and Berries (Celebrate cookbook)
lamb Canelloni (Packed Cookbook)
mutton bird and Cherry chutney (chutney recipe Tasmania Pantry)
Lentil and olive stuffed tomato, cauliflower polenta and blue cheese sauce
Baked corn
lavender and quince EVOO cake
Chocolate fondue and berries

Next workshop is a Seafood Cooking Workshop on Thursday its 10AM-2.30PM includes lunch and a copy of my book.


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