First Kids Cooking Class

On Monday we had our first ever Old School Kitchen kids cooking class. The classes are in 2 age groups 11 and under 3.45Pm-5.15PM and 12 and over 5.15PM to 6.45PM.

We made lamb Koftas with tatzazki, garlic roast spuds, greek salad with a homemade salad dressing and pea hummus. Mags and Steph joined in to help and cook our dinner and it was delicious.

I have the groups spilt into age groups, the younger kids may need a little more more help. next up this coming Monday we are making our own pasta and making a fennel and tarragon fish lasagne. Over the years I have discovered that a lot of families want to eat more seafood as it is so good for us but they don’t know how or if they like it. I find everyone loves this lasagne.

I am hoping the children to book in for the term so that I can teach them a program of skills and not have to repeat the same instructions each week, when we could be moving on to learning new skills. But, we are flexible and I understand that people may not have found out about the classes until after they have started so we will take new enrolments through the term until they are fully booked out.  And we will take casual bookings when there is space, or if someone wants to come along to try a class out. The classes are $65 a week and includes a dinner to take home for 4 people. I will look at other school term evenings if there is interest in the future, so if this night doesn’t suit send me an email and let me know when it would so I can take that into consideration for future planning.


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