Kids cooking class week 2 Fish lasagne, dill and fennel slaw &garlic bread

This week at our Old School Kitchen Kids cooking classes we made Fish Lasagne with the recipe from seafood Everyday. A lot of us want to eat more seafood as it is so good for us. It is recommended for good health we eat seafood a minimum of twice a week. I know loads of us do not meet that requirement, why I created the book in 2016 . This lasagne is the kid friendliest seafood recipe ever! If there was ever a recipe that you wanted to try to get the kids to eat some seafood then this is it.

Last night we made a lemon, dill, yogurt, fennel, celery slaw to go with the lasagne and garlic bread from some baguettes I baked earlier in the day. There isn’t a recipe yet for the slaw I made it up yesterday. The first week we made an oil & vinegar dressed salad so I am trying to change it up and teach new things each week thats why we went with the yogurt dressing.

Pasta making is always a lot of fun with children. Hands in and messy wants not to enjoy?

The children’s focus was making their own pasta so I made the sauce for them so we could get it done in time. While the lasagne was in the oven they made their salad and garlic bread.

The skills they learnt/practised

Knife skills

Pasta making, dough and rolling

Salad dressing with a yogurt base

Garlic butter and garlic bread


Steph joins in and assists with the younger class and Maggie with the older class, in-between their homework. They are learning new things too and I am actually discovering things that I assumed I had already taught them. They cook our dinner while they are working, last night it was delicious, we all agreed. I know the other parents are appreciating a dinner cooked for them too!

Next Monday we are making a salmon and honey soy noodle salad, I am excited for this already. The classes are Monday 11 year olds and younger 3.45PM to 5.15PM 12 years and older 5.15Pm to 6.45PM. It’s not too late to join in for the term. $65 a week.


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