Old School Kitchen kids Cooking Class Monday 3rd April Green Curry Salmon

Our last kids cooking class for the term. We made a beautiful Green Curry with salmon. The recipe is in Packed cookbook, it is worth making a big batch of the paste and freezing it and then if you have a good stock made it is a super quick meal to put together. We even found fresh tumeric for the curry paste this week, a bonus for those of us who like to make sure we are eating a wide variety of plants for our gut health. Thanks to Salmon Tasmania and Tassal for providing the salmon for the class so the kids to learn and cook some seafood. It was our last cooking class for the term, it has been a fun term and I am grateful for the kids and their parents who have come along this term for our VERY first term of classes. When asked how they were going by some food loving friends I described the older group classes as that they are like a stich and bitch session (knitting or sewing in a social setting) . The kids get in and cook and have a good goss while chopping and cooking with me interrupting every now and then for instructions or a hint or tip. What could we call it sook and cook? Sounds a bit negative… Chop and chat? stir and stir??

I will have a rough plan of what we are cooking for Term 2 soon. It will be on a Monday afternoon again, other days will be added if or when there is interest. Slight changes with the times 3.45 -5.10 for the under 12s and 5.20 to 6.45 for the 12 and overs. we prefer term bookings so we can teach a full program over the term of a wide variety of recipes and different cooking techniques but we understand that can not always work. $65 a week for an Hour and 25 minute cooking class with a qualified chef and a delicious meal for 4 people to take home each week. What could you buy with $65 in take aways for 4 people these days?? And hopefully the children will end up with a bunch of meals they can cook independently. Book and Pay for the term through my online store or send me a message to book and pay cash or card weekly.


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