I always cook from raw, real, fresh ingredients I am passionate about shopping locally, supporting the local farmers, growing my own veggies and knowing exactly what I am feeding my family but I have found since owing my thermomix that I am back to basics that step further, making my own butter, fruit juices, porridge from rolled oats (sad but true I used the quick oats sachets rather than using rolled oats and then washing up the pot!!) because its so quick and simple.
I understand I am saving heaps of money by using my thermomix to its full potential but wonder about the fortune that people who buy packaged supermarket food could save if they invested in a thermomix.
Last night for example, while cooking roast pork, I made a batch of 30 second whole orange cake into 20 cupcakes to freeze to go in the kids lunches (I  love that recipe  so simple & delicious, find it on the thermomix recipe community) a batch of 12 muslie bars ( I cut them into 16, my kids are young, love that about cooking for yourself can control waste and portion size!), butter, a white bread loaf, a butter milk loaf and a linseed whole meal loaf.
My (rough- by major supermarket -online prices) calculations worked out tonight that I would have saved $26.50 by making these few items last night rather than buying them from the supermarket and it only took well under a hour while I was cooking anyway: 2 minutes to prep and  cup cake the orange cakes, 4 minute each loaf (plus rising time) 10 minutes butter (2 batches plus to wash) 5 minutes muslie bar, all prepped up and baked while the roast pork was cooking.


Thermomix is offering interest free finance for the first year until January 6th, so $39 per week to own your own thermomix in a year! how much could you save??