Honey Soy salmon Noodle Salad, Old school Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes

Seriously delicious meal cooked at Old School Kitchen Kids cooking classes this week we used the recipe from Seafood Everyday to marinade the fish and then make the salad and dressing. Maggie has requested it for her birthday dinner it was so good! Honestly I would pay $35 or more for a serve in nice cafe!! And a big thanks to Tassal for supporting the classes providing the salmon for the kids and their families. A chance meeting with a friend who works at the Tasmanian Salmon Association in the isle of Officeworks right back when I was just at the putting the offer in on the house stage, yonks ago, chatting about my kids cooking class and adult basic cooking class ideas has led to Tassal donating the fish and supporting these classes. While I always have and will always buy salmon and other seafood for my workshops it’s not really in the budget for this $65 dollar a person class that includes a take home meal for 4 , unfortunately. I love teaching to cook but I have a business to operate my own family to feed. I do know very well from years of experience teaching workshops the best way to get someone to cook something again is to show them. I would be very surprised if the dishes we cook in the classes are not cooked at home again. I know a lot of people still don’t cook seafood as they think it’s too hard. My husband Brendan being a fisherman also provides some scale fish so we can have seafood on the menu at least a few times each term.

The kids this week had a good chance to work on the knife skills. Make a salad dressing. Marinade and bake the salmon.

This coming Monday we are going to make cabbage rolls and then Mango chicken the following week. Ideally, I would prefer term bookings so we can learn new things and move onto new things but because we are just starting out I will take casual bookings for those who want to try it out or have found out late about the classes. BOYS why are there no BOYS enrolled. OMG I hear horror stories about boys leaving home and wasting all their ENTIRE weeks apprentice pay on takeaway food, ordering a toasted sandwich by uber and stuff like that! The health of the family is not the sole responsibility of mum in the family, it is not the 1950s let’s teach the boys to eat well and organise the family meals too!

This coming Thursday we have a Tasmanian Cooking Experience workshop. Then a Bread baking the following Thursday. Then only 2 more workshops this term I will have Term 2 dates listed soon.


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