We have an Indulgence Weekend to WIN!!!


News from Little Norfolk Bay Events and Chalets

With the assistance of my good food friends Arwen and Natalie we had an epic weekend of cooking for the last photos for my new book The Tasmania Pantry 2. The food was beautiful, what a feast. The Event House at LNB is perfect for a photoshoot- commercial kitchen, loads of refrigeration and a crazy excessive prop collection. We snapped plenty of hilarious family photos trying to take the cover photo. The book has 65 new recipes you’ll also love to cook and enjoy with your family. Some of the recipes for weeknight meals and some for special occasions. I have even included my sourdough recipe and my croissant recipe that I bake a lot at Little Norfolk Bay Events and Chalets. The book will be back by December and Printed in Australia (so exciting!!). I am taking pre-orders now.

As a pre-order incentive, because I really love pre-orders (so I have some idea how many books to order and I am not still tripping over boxes of them in my shed in 60 years OR worse, not ordering enough and running short before Christmas) I have an Indulgence weekend at Little Norfolk Bay up to win!!! Draw randomly from all the names of books pre-ordered, every book purchase is an entry. We can wrap and include your message in a card to post Anywhere in Aus. Post Is FREE with pre-ordered copies.

Visit www.eloiseemmett.com to pre-order

Did you see the new recipe that I recently cooked and shared on my website?? A handy quick weeknight meal and delicious to, I know lots of people are enjoying this recipe now.



There are now only 2 dates left with chalets available of you are planning on joining us for an Indulgence weekend this year

16th-18th October
20th-22nd November


We are finishing our workshop calendar with a special Seafood Christmas cooking workshop on Saturday 5thDecember.  And a few spots available in our Tasman Cooking workshops on 16th October and 18th November.


Book Launch events will be scheduled for later in the year soon.

Thanks Eloise